First of all there’s no one in India who hasn’t watch anime, it used to be popular and it is popular till now but, if there are people who are thinking what particularly an anime is, so let me tell you every animation you watch like Chotta Bheem or Little Krishna are Indian animations because they are made in India in the same way animations made in Japan are called Anime. We can guess the popularity of Anime by some world wide famous shows like Dragon Ball Z, Shinchan,Pokemon,etc(many people dont know this, but yes these are also Anime).But Anime is not limited to these limited numbers, there are number of quality Anime people don’t know about.But the main problem is slowly peoples have stopped watching Anime or even worse they don’t know what anime is. So I am going to tell you some points according to my researches why, despite having big audience Anime has been wiped out of Indian Televisions.

1:Mature Content

As there is the ideology for Animation in India, that it is only for kids. Anime is like a big slap for people with this ideology.If we compare Indian TV shows with Anime.Most of the Indian TV animations have repeated story-line whereas Anime has awesome unique story-line, well influenced characters and above all it is suitable for every age group(unlike Indian TV cartoons targeting only children between 4-5 years).When adults are also there in targeted age group they have to add some adult content like relationship,sex and violence which are Censor Board won’t allow. To some extent it is right to for children to not watch such extreme content but when shows like Shinchan is also censored than it is not ok.


It is clear to all how are mainstream media is making us fool, its main motive is to keep the audience dumb and of low IQ because if we became smart then there illogical shows will come to an end.For example a kid gets to know about gravity and solar system from Doraemon .Because of the shows kids are watching now there IQ level and understanding capability has also been worn out.For this people will say “If Anime is available in the internet then what is the need for broadcasting it in TV”they don’t understand that there are majority of people in India who don’t have much amount of. That is why Anime broadcasting in India is important because people who don’t have internet connectivity would have to look for other options like TV and movies.


Believe it or not our Entertainment Industry feels insecure about Anime,that is why they don’t want Anime to come in Indian Market.It is common in Indian Entertainment Industry, that there will be only some number of people who will run whole thing by themselves and won’t allow any other person to even enter.They misuse their power and put a dirty monopoly over it.


There is a big culture difference in India and Japan, like girls in Japan mostly wear skirts unlike India where full body clothes are the first priority of society because of it shows like these are mostly banned so that Indian girls don’t get influenced by their culture. I know it does not even sound like a valid point to ban Anime in India but I have seen such extremist people who wants Anime to not air on Indian TV’s because of this.