“Someone Had Reincarnated For Me”

I don not know why he looks pretty similar to someone whom with I had deep relation and shares family values. every single glance and sight produce sensation like the plant of Shameplant. It is little bit sarcastic to say that he belongs to reincarnation but seems me true. every meeting every sight everything what he posses seems me like he belongs to me very deeply and profoundly. even his silence had a voice which would like to drag inner thoughts clearly depicted on his face and it was like ‘He want to tell me something’ His eyes always says me he had something to tell me ‘it was like He would like to complete the story left uncompleted in previous birth’ suddenly he came from nowhere without any alarm or even without any slightest indication and foster the falter story remained uncompleted in the previous birth and took reincarnation to unabridged the scrappy parts into a complete life.

it was all started from a cricket ground I was very young a decent child who nearly and newly just learn to hold the bat, I saw him wearing googles very thin and skinny with a bright charm on his face with little nervousness fielding at the end point of the street that first sight electrified me and I got stunned in a short moment it was like I had seen him somewhere before that whole day I Passed thinking about where and when I witnessed him even I Spent my whole Night in Exploring who is that guy and I was pretty sure about one thing I had seen him before, but Interestingly I was a child too did not posses the rational mind but He attracts me something like an object attracted with the gravitational pull. I had developed a sort of excitement and interest within him. time passes with the pace even without any realization time got fly but gravitational pull was still there it was month of may my phone receive a message and i was shocked and surprised I got message from that ‘special guy’ whom within I have interest not from last twelve years but from previous birth He asked for Procedures to indulge within the institution and this ignites a lamp of zeal within me to indulge to enroll him within my institution. there is no bigger opportunity achievement moment and emotions than it that my reincarnated brother coming to complete his studies with me. we both were belongs to different families pursue primary and basic education with different mediums we were differentiated in everything but as i pronounced above there was an attraction that was pulling us to meet again in the unknown terrain to complete the left story. He was a tremendous guy, over the period from where i left him in the playground he developed him so significantly posses good academic records tops the school and apart from studies he was very serene simple cool and calm respects every emotion every aspects of the life pertinent to soil down to earth and overall an amazing personality. I had remembered When I encounter with him first time in the zoo i was full of enthusiasm and emotions and excitement to meet him everything was happening like Two things are compiling with each other and we were on the verge to complete the story left behind but you know It is like blushing to say everything in first meeting for someone you had developed emotions from previous twelve months and in a sudden it is very hard to express everything. It was very difficult for me to express my concerns and emotions and it was very difficult to tell him the all things that i was feeling from last twelve years where i left him in the playground. But Every meeting every convivial gathering with him tell me that He was also waiting for me from last twelve years to complete the story. And after a long wait I realized Yes He belongs to me, He is my brother from previous birth who might lost in the fair. Now He is an inevitable part of my life an integral part of my life who guides me on the path of life with his vision and mission vey Intellectual sharp minded with great personality traits and Behavior above it all ‘Knows to respect Emotions’ .

And this journey of life and learning became beautiful the day he enters, flourishing the life, cherishing the life with greatness of thoughts and emotions. We both now are completing the sketchy parts of the previous life. every bit of the second excites me to witness him again and again every meeting with him charges me his single sight produce lot of emotions and every single second said ‘more and more’ Meet “Dushyant” You Have your Integral part of life before you ” Vishal “