As an introvert, I’ve heard many myths and misconception about ourselves, so I’ve wanted to write something like this so that these myths can be cleared. Introverts are generally considered as boring, anti-social, less talkative and nerds. Well I won’t say that all of these are lies, in fact they are true to a certain extent. Off course we introverts don’t talk much but we are impossible to handle when we are with our buddies. Yes we read books and I personally don’t think reading a book should be considered only for nerds or introverts because I have seen highly extroverted people as dedicated readers. Extrovert gets their energy when they are around people and Introvert gets energy and stay charged when they spend time alone with themselves. They think about everything a little too much as compare to others and NO they aren’t unfriendly, in fact they are the most sweetest people you will ever meet. I’ve often felt guilty about wanting to stay alone rather than going out for a movie with my friends , but now I’ve accepted the fact that there isn’t anything to be guilty about. Personally I feel there are many perks of being an introvert which I would like to share with my readers :

Introverts are observant – It may look like they are sitting idle and unbothered by the happenings around them, but they observe every information.They are more likely to notice people’s body language and facial expressions which make then an excellent interpersonal communicator.

Introverts are good listener – Extroverts are likely to jump to conclusions without hearing the whole thing and it is because they process information interactively on the other hand Introverts process information internally. This helps them to hear and understand the information critically.

Introverts think before they speak – As introverts don’t usually like to talk much, they process all their thoughts and information before spitting them out, Their words have moore impact on others.

Quality>quantity – As introverts like being alone and to spend their time with themselves, they don’t make much friends but they chose to be friend with someone whom they can trust blindly . Their friend is generally small and great.

Compassionate leaders – Introverts are the best leaders. They don’t crave for coming into limelight and for taking all the credits as a leader, in fact they like to share their success with everyone. They are not impulsive and as a result take every decision only after analyzing it thoroughly.