top 6 in-demand jobs right now

The Corona Virus is not only taking human’s life but is also affecting them in many ways. The people are getting getting affected physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.A large number of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.The reason for this is that, the industries and businesses are facing huge loss from lockdown. The major sectors which are suffering tremendous loss are tourism sector, IT companies, airlines, hospitality sectors and many more, and because of this, these sectors are unable to give salaries to their employees and as a result employees are facing lay off. Many people lost their jobs because of this and many more are anticipated to suffer in future. People are not getting their salary due to losses which the organization is having, thus creating financial problems not only to the employers but for the employees too. But there are some jobs which are highly in demand even in this downfall period. Today in this article I’ll be sharing with you all some of these jobs which you can pursue if you have the capabilities and skills for the same. Let’s have a look on some of the jobs:

1- MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Everything is going digital because of the social distancing, which we all are following to prevent ourselves from COVID-19. From booking cabs to buying groceries, everyone is going app based and this would only accelerate as we are moving to a digital future. This means that mobile app developers for android and IOS will be all the more in demand and companies will be more than happy to pay them. according to an app developer, they can earn anywhere between Rs 50,000 for freshers and approximately Rs 16,00,000 after a decade of experience.

2- DIGITAL CURRICULUM DEVELOPER: Be it the regular school and colleges or educational technology companies, COVID-19 has made it mandatory for the coarse curriculum to move online. A digital curriculum developer is involved in designing a web friendly content curriculum for institutes, corporates and individuals.

3- SALESFORCE CERTIFICATION: Salesforce, the customer relationship management service (CRM) provider is considered among the most advanced CRM technology in the world. To manage this ecosystem, Salesforce offers targeted certification programmes to aspiring professionals in administrators or developers areas. In India, the average salary for a Salesforce certified professional ranges between Rs 6 lakh to 8 lakh per annum.

4-FINANCIAL RISK MANAGER: FRMs are involved in managing investments risk, trade risk as well as liquidity risks and market risks. During a tough market condition, FRM helps the investment team with the strategy in managing financial prudence. The average pay package of an FRM in India ranges from Rs 9 lakh to 12 lakh per annum.

5-DIGITAL PROFIT MANAGEMENT: A digital project manager runs project to build websites and mobile apps through discovery, planning, production, deployment and maintenance. Considering the shift in bussiness strategies of companies from physical to digital due to COVID-19, digital project managers are high in demand. The average salary in this role according to HR experts is Rs 15 lakh to 24 lakh per annum.

6-CHIEF ACTUARY: With the rise in concerns about future risks in the financial sector and hoe it would be managed, the role of actuary is in high demand. India with a population of 1.3 billion people has only 460 fully qualified actuarial professionals. The actual demand for fully qualified actuarial sciences professionals in India is more than three times the supply. The starting salary of an actuary could be Rs 7 lakh which can go up to Rs 30 lakh with the number of of experience.