cigar should be stored at a temperature of 15 to 18
degree Celsius and a relative humidity of 65 to 70
degree. Drastic temperature fluctuations, dry heat,
smells damage the cigar. Cigars are best stored in
humidors. there are boxes made of Cider wood. A
damp pad is lined inside the lead of the box to
maintain humidity by moisturizing air if it is too dry.
If the climate is to damp. A dry pad will be used to
absorb any exercise moisture in the air. the box
has many sections each holding a different type
and size of cigar. Many cigarettes are individually
packed in metal tubes lined with Cider wood and
this tubes are seed that is, they are sealed tightly
to prevent the air from getting in.


Preparing cigar for smoking and lighting needs
special attention which the cigar handlers must
understand . before the cigar is lit, the head of the
figure which has tobacco leaf cap must be opened
with the cigar cutter to allow the smoke to pass
through smoothly. A v shaped cut or straight cut
may be made according to the choice of the guest
which should be ask before cutting.
The cut should be smooth and clean and not too
the foot and of the cigar is lit with the wooden
match or gas lighter but never with Sulphur or wax
coated matches or a petrol lighter which will spoil
the flavour of the cigar. The cigar should be
rotated while lighting and their should be slowly
drawn with gentle puffs. some guest warm the
length of the cigar with a lighted match before
which was used for sticking the leaves during
making of cigars a hundred or more year ago. The
practice of using that kind of glue was withdrawn long ago and the pinhead of gum used today is
odourless and tasteless. Hence this practice is


The following steps are to be followed in cigar
• Place a clean astray on the table
• Present the humidor from the left hand side of
the guest to select his / her cigar.
• Collect the cigar from the guest for
• remove the selected cigar carefully, making
sure your fingernail does not touch the
wrapper of any of the singers, it is advisable to
place the cigar in such a way that it is easy for
the guest to pick up without touching any of
other cigar.
• take the cigar to the side board to prepare
according to the guest request.
• On the side board if the cigar is covered with
cellophane tube then open it.
• open the closed end of the cigar by making a
flat or a v cut with an appropriate cigar cutter
avoid using a knife or other equipment.
• tap the cut cigar over the side plate to remove
any unwanted / extra tiny particles. Present the prepared cigar on a quarter plate
from the left hand side.offer a light from
matchstick or a gas lighter. Light it gently by
holding the flame slightly away from the cigar.