Way to control suicides.


As,India is an agrarian economy which is pre dominant sector of economy. Nearly 70 percent populatoin still depend on farming.but,farmers commits suicide is a major Drawback for India. The back boners of nation is loss their lives for various reasons.

The Main reasons of suicides are debt,low yielding,stress,Apathy,money lenders pressure,crop failure,family problems and lack of knowledge.

Preventions: one of the most effective and single plan is by active plan of Government in advance of real issues. The Dependency of Agriculture on nature should be reduce. Prevention of crop failure is first aim.

By using proper management of water it can be reduced some extent. Make Institutional finance available to every farmer to save them from money lenders. This helps to avoid major suicides in India.By giving loans and profits ,farmers are not commit suicides.

Farmers are need to advised and Guided on economical methods of cultivation which would save crop loss. The Modern technics and Advanced Agriculture is trained to maintain by small Farmers.

The government could also helps to explose the pooling of lands of small farmers from land lords. It can encouraged to develop to financial and encourage to them. Nearly 6000 farmers commited suicide in 2019-2020.

Not a farmers, They are food givers and Back bone to society and Nation