Wisdom teeth facts

All we know about wisdom teeth is that they grow once we became an adult and mostly everyone is born without it. Here are some more facts that you weren’t aware of.

  • Wisdom teeth are called so because they come around when a person is in between the age of 17-25. This age is also called as the age of wisdom.
  • It is also known as third molar.
  • Many many years ago, early human brains started growing at a great speed ( 3 times more than the original size) hence, changes in the shape of the back part of the skull also took place. As a result, there was no place for third molars. Therefore, wisdom teeth are of no use.
  • The number of wisdom teeth that people have vary from person to person. Some might have one, two, there or four wisdom teeth. Super rare cases of five wisdom teeth are also seen. The number of wisdom teeth depends upon the size of your jaw.
  • In Korean, they are called ‘love teeth’ as early 20’s is the time when most of the people experience love.
  • Scientists are studying dental stem cells to see if they can repair or regenerate tissues.
  • They can be problematic and start to cause pain after a certain period of time and might also lead to problems like tumours. Hence, they have to be removed.