Can Live be normal after lockdown?

The rapid spread of COVID-19, popularly known as coronavirus has resulted in India being under a nationwide lockdown for over three months now. This infectious disease has affected a population of more than eighty five thousand in the country, which has also resulted in the death of more than two thousand people. In order to control the situation and avoid the spread of the disease, the government has announced a series of lockdowns, with certain restrictions and relaxations from time to time. But what about the life post lockdown? Will life be just like it was before lockdown? Or will the virus haunt us for the rest of our lives?
A lockdown is when you are isolated at a place, with limited or no access to public places and institutions like cafes, restaurants, offices, schools and many more similar places. Indians have been under a lockdown for such a long time that staying at home, only going out to buy essential, working from home and doing household chores have become a part of our daily routine. Our day starts from being at home and ends at being at home. The fear of stepping out and accidently coming in contact with anything is something that has deeply impacted us and our minds. Even when we have to step out to buy essential, we think twice because the fear of coming in contact with the disease is always with us. There is so many things which get broken after the lockdown
• It is clear the current strategy of shutting down large parts of society is not sustainable in the long-term. The social and economic damage would be catastrophic.
• Lifting the restrictions that are holding the virus back, then cases will inevitably soar.
• World goes 20 years back.
• May be large scarcity of essential things due to less manufactures.
• People fear in gathering at one place.
• Unemployment raises.

As much of the world continues to stay at home to slow the spread of corona virus, Earth has quickly transformed into a wilder and cleaner place.