Television’s contribution to society

The interaction between any device or modern amenity and society is the most significant point. So it is with television. It is an audiovisual electronic device of the modern age. It has invested life with a new charm that can never be dismissed summarily as harmful.
To be very plain no scientific thing is in itself harmful except, of course, the lethal weapons. Television today has become a domestic commodity. Almost every house owns it. It is a source of entertainment in hotels, restaurants, deluxe coaches, planes and whatnot. The cinema caters to the taste of people at limited hours and in limited things. But the TV with its far-flung multiple channels has a wild variety of things and programmes to cate.
The chief issue is how to use television. Ours is a permissive society although still in a considerable section of our globe men live primitive lives. It can be proved that the utility of television lies in its proper use otherwise, like Ms.Shelley’s Frankenstein, it harms the master that operates. Take the case of its commercialization in our society. The channels make a reckless display of nude or semi-nude films, crime and paranoic As a result, the colleges and now even the schools and their hostels teem with cases of sexual violence and the society at large has become arey to the interchange of wives and promiscuity. The west which fell a prey to it now confronts the fatal disease called aids. Doubtless, it, more than the cinema is accountable for it., for it administers the person to the mailing millions day in and out. In consequence of the heavy toll of the disease, the counter in. It is again the tv that comes to the rescue. The global investigations, a conference of doctor, findings and remedies are all disseminated to the public through the tv.
Naturally, it is the ultimate analysis that the role of a man that comes foremost. Tv has a powerful educative value quiz contests, merits of proper child care, intelligent programs to create awareness of family control among the illiterate and many other such educative programs are being done through tv take a good effect.
Tv is usually a vicarious means of entertainment. In general, it shuts our mind out. We see through them-religious, secular and vulgar soth our children unconcerned at how it manipulates against our culture. Another powerful aspect asset of tv is its exposure impact. Sidhi bat or Jana Adalat, interviews of defamed politicians with unforgiving critics like Prabhu Chawla, Nalini Singh invariably have a greater impact. Reading of scandals in the newspapers or heading them on radios do not shame the wrongdoers to that extent as when he is conscious that his scandals and sulking replies are being viewed by millions of viewers in his own country as well as abroad.
To cut the story short tv is an indispensable gift of our age. It is alleged that too much of exposure to the screen is likely to damage our dyes. But a controlled use of it and wholesome practices like splashing the eyes with water after seeing the programme would easily set off the little demerit that it has.