5 ways to improve your efficiency when working from home

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has disrupted a normal life where humans today have realized how it feels to be caged. While the global lockdown has turned out to be the new normal after 4 months, people have started adjusting and adapting to new means and measures to continue living their personal and professional life in peace.

Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life was difficult even before, because we were short of time (as we spent most of our time travelling). However those who entered the quarantine phase thinking it would give them the additional hours to spend quality time with themselves and families, BOOM! here comes additional workload and irregular working hours.

Caged in our homes for nearly 4 months, it’s high time we set something’s right that helps us improve our work efficiency leaving us with more quality personal time.

Miss Diva Supranational 2019 Shefali Sood, who is also a mental health advocate, certified life coach and a motivational speaker in an exclusive has shared 5 effective ways to improve our ‘work from home’ situation.

1. Set up a workstation!

Setting up a workstation, a designated work space. Decorate it, fill it up with stuff that puts you in work mode and helps you concentrate. My workstation is surrounded with a cooling drink that I sip on when I work, a snack, a notebook and pen, my phone and laptop , stationery that I might need, and some decorative items.

2. Plan your day!

Having control over small elements of your day gives you a semblance of order and discipline even when there is so much uncertainty

3. Plan breaks:

Plan your breaks. It is important to take 10 minute breaks after every hour of productive hard work because it helps you rejuvenate

4. Have an activity to look forward to!

After a long day of work we need an activity that we enjoy or one that will help us unwind! So plan a fun activity like sports or games or just family time or Netflix after work as a reward for all that hard work

5. Lastly, leave work at the workstation!

Make sure that your work time does not overlap with the rest of your day and you do not let work interfere with your daily activities or leisure time just because you’re working from home!



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