Plastic Bag Free Day

Today is a International Plastic Bag free day that is on 3rd July 2020. So when you go out for any shopping, remember to keep the paper bag or cloth bag with you instead of plastic bag. This should not be important to carry paper bag today but also its important to avoid using plastic bags daily as they are harmful for our environment. This day is a global initiative that aims at not to use plastic bag. According to the research about 2 million plastic bags has being used every minute around the world and just calculate it like how much damage we are doing to our Mother Earth by using plastic bags.

An International campaign group (A Plastic Planet) decided to use social media as their power to reduce the use of plastic bags. And they announced the World First Plastic Free Day on June 5, 2018 which planned to coincide with World Environment Day. Plastic pollution is increasing day-by-day. This is one of the main cause of using plastic bag. Due to unnecessary use of plastic bags daily, our planet is becoming contaminated with increase in numbers per day. This is not a good news at all. We need to decrease the use of plastic bags as it takes a long time to get decomposed. And pollution will definitely effect the human life. Secondly, it is also dangerous to sea life. Mostly plastic bags are thrown into the sea every year just because plastic bag takes time to decompose. This effects the marine life in a huge way. It also causes greenhouse gases.

The only ways to reduce the use of plastic bag are:

  1. Avoid using plastic bags instead of it use paper bag.
  2. Re-use the bags that once has been used. Avoid buying more and more plastic bags.
  3. Use re-usable containers instead of plastic bag.
  4. Make sure that your surroundings are clean. If you see any plastic bag lying on road or somewhere else than take the responsibility of throwing it into the garbage bans.
  5. Reuse containers for storing leftover or shopping in bulk.
  6. In any café or restaurants or any other place try to avoid using things made up of plastic like straws.
  7. Avoid buying frozen foods as mostly are packed with plastic.
  8. Reduce the use of plastic bags in your daily basis.
  9. Aware more and more people about not using the plastic bags. Also tell them the harmful effects that causes while using plastic bags.
  10. Start avoiding plastic bags from yourself first.

Almost everyone knows how harmful are the plastic bags for our environment. Still people are avoiding it or taking it as casual. But it is a matter that to be taken seriously. Yet companies keep on producing plastic bags and we keep on using plastic bags. Are we doing right? No. We need to focus on this issue as our Mother Earth is in danger. It is high time to take the responsibility to decrease the use of plastic bags which automatically reduce pollution from our environment.