Softskills is a personal attribute that enables a person to interact effectivly and harmoniously with other people. There  are many types of soft skills which everyone need to improve. For example leadershipskills, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc.,

Agenda is how to crack an interview? Which everyone wants to know especially for under graduate. So here are some tips amd and tricks which will help you crack an interview.

What is that one thing which decides your first impression in an interveiw ?…

Firstly we need to create a good impression(which is also known as first impression) on the interviewer. You will never get a second chance to create a first impression. Your first inpression would be RESUME. How the resume should look like? It should of 1-2 page long with your experience, we should keep colour copy with photograph(not the adhaar card photograph hahaa.) it should contain all objectives, qualification, strength and accomplishments. Your contact information is the most importante part of resume, functional CV is most preferred by organisations. Before the interveiw we need to research on the information of the company and organisation. And what competencies they are looking for, format of the interveiw and selection process. If its a tele interveiw ask question from them so that they can see your interest.

Here comes the main part of interview! How to handle the questions?

1Q. Tell me about your self?..

You should start like this “thank you for giving me opportunity for introducing myself” and then, My name is so and so I have completed my studies from so and so college, say about your hobbies and your goals and strength and you should end like “that’s all about me sir/madam. Thank you sir/madam.”

 2Q. Why should we hire you?…

You should be honest to the interviewer “As a fresher, I am eager to work hard to prove myself in company and when I will join here then I will give my best efforts andmy knowledge and efforts definitely will raise the company to a good position. I believe that the learning never ends, keep learning.” No need to answer the same, you may add more. You can answer from your point of view.

3Q. Talk about your strength …

(i)Talk about the essentials(the basic about you).

(ii) The past + present(your past experiences and what you’ve been up to lately).

(iii) The future(your long term career goals).

(iv) The company ‘fit’ (why  you’d be great for that company + why you’re intrested)

This is all you need to talk about your self.

4Q. Are you planning for further more studies…?

Say as you are willing to do if you want to go for further studies then honeslty keep you answers before them that yes I am planning for furthermore studies. And if you are not planning say them that you are not planning!

5Q. What do you know about this company.?

You should speak about the awards, achievements, upadtes of the company. Also the work the company does to bulid there name and fame. This all will be enough to say about the company.   

I hope this will help you get a quick idea about an interview.

My friend had written this, So I would like to give her the credits. Thank you Hemakshi : )