“Just dance! It’s good for you.”

Dance is something which makes me happy during my tough times and uplifts my mood. Being a dance lover, I can literally dance at any time of the day. I am very sure that many of you out there love to dance more than I do!

There are different forms of dance that we get to see all over the world. Each dance form has its own significance and cultural origin. Each and every dance form is beautiful in its own way. Dance in any form gives you immense pleasure.

People dance on various occasions to express their happiness, excitement or just for fun. Whatever, the reason might be dance always makes you happy as well as the people who are watching you dance also have fun.

Along with making you cheerful and giving you enjoyment, dance offers numerous physical and mental benefits as well. Following are the gains that we can get from this delightful art:

● Dance is the best form of exercise and people of all ages can easily do this exercise. It is the easiest and the most enjoyable way to lose weight. Dancing involves workout of the entire body and if you regularly dance for an hour or so, then you can certainly burn your calories.

● Dance proves to be useful to keep the different organs of the body healthy. It enhances your breathing capacity and heart rate thus improving the health of your lungs and heart. It also provides strength to your muscles and bones.

● Dance makes you more flexible. This is because your body moves in different directions and performs various steps while dancing. It also improves your balance, stamina, and fitness.

● Dance helps to relieve tension or stress. Whenever you are feeling low or stressed about something, dance could be an effective remedy. You feel much better and refreshed after you finish your dance. You also get to see a change in your mood.

● Dance is also a good career option. By learning different types of dance forms, you can start your own dance class or work as a dance teacher for an institution or a choreographer in the entertainment industry.

● Dance provides a good opportunity to socialize with people and meet as well as make new friends at dance classes. It also is helpful to boost your confidence as it increases your energy levels and develops your overall health.

We can thus conclude that there are many benefits of dance. It helps you mentally, physically as well as professionally. You do not actually need to get professional training to learn this art. You can just dance the way you want without any hesitation or awkwardness and live a happy and fit life.

During your sad times, start dancing like nobody is looking at you and see the changes that occur in your mood and the environment around you. Involve other people in your dance and have fun together.

Just put your favourite song on the radio and get involved in it through your dance. This will certainly reduce your loneliness and take you to a completely new and happy world.