Judgemental mentality!!

As a person you will be knowing that judging is the primary behaviour of a person. The one who gets judged by others also will be the one judging others. We are so much into this behaviour that we started enjoying it, and slowly it turned into bullying. We as a part of being judged know how that feels but despite of that we judge others. What more a person can go through. Some has strong mind, they don’t bother giving a damn about others. On the other side there are some people who are so much afraid of being judged that as a result they start to live according to others to please them, this category even involve me! Speaking frankly I am a coward and I myself is afraid of being judged by others and always bothering about what they are thinking about me, have I did something wrong, blah blah. Even while writing this I am thinking that using such words will be alright, will it offend others. But we have to stop right here, right now.

Seeing as a part of a person who is being judged by others, let me tell you..How many peoples mouth you will shut!? We cannot reach out to every person and ask them to shut their mouth. There are people who will start harassing you! But you can do a simple task and that is not giving any consideration to them. People are suffering through this behaviour from a very early period. Talking about the era where lord Ram was born. Even lord Ram has suffered through the judgment, as he overheard people talking about Sita mata being impure and as a result Sita mata has to give ‘Agni pariksha’ but this didn’t satisfied others and as a testimony of her purity she returns to the womb of her mother, the Earth. So, don’t let others unnecessary thoughts bother you.

Seeing as a part of person who is judging others then as I said that this is a primary behaviour of a person, then one cannot stop oneself to stop judging others. We cannot go to each and every person to know what they’re going through or what situation they are struggling in. We have to come upto a conclusion. Let me tell you by giving an example, suppose you are watching a suspensive movie and someone stops you to watch the climax and asks you to watch it the other day or say that a situation arise where you cannot make upto the climax then what you will do? Yes you start assuming, you start making conclusions on your own, you have your own scenarios. This is how a persons brain is developed. And you are helpless until you seriously wants to change!!

Even the lord has to suffer from the judgment back then, then what are we! We have to suffer through this ordinary stuff but one thing we can do is ignore these all things and mind our own business! Minding our own business will not let you bother about others even as judging others or being judged by others. But don’t get mistaken between being judged and being bullied. If this happens then you must stand and report. This surely is a crime making others suffer through trauma and depression.

PS:- If you read until now then let me know about your opinions. No, this is not the ninja technique to increase comments ; ) I want to know that people made it upto the ending.

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