English poetry on Environment. By Debalina Mukherjee.


We cut the trees and make the concrete forest
The trees never complain but the normal atmosphere bids us farewell;
We dispose waste in the rivers we consider to be our Goddess
She never complains.. But the purity bids us farewell
We use the vehicles that emit the poisonous gases
Freshness of the air never complains but bids us farewell
Our industries discharge chemicals in the ponds with aquatic ecosystems
The water never revolts but the aqatic life bids us farewell
Our continuous cropping tortures the soil
The soil never complains but its fertility bids us farewell
We use the high speed networks that emit heavy radiation
Nature never complains but the birds bid us farewell
We r clearing more forests that is the habitat of our wildlife
Ecology never complains but wildlife bids us farewell
We use the refrigerators and ACs that are the source of green house gases
Environment never complains but the soothing climates bid us farewell
All the above mentioned,being a part of mother  earth never complains..
Its true that a mother endures everything for the sake of her children
But doesn’t She is under a threat?
If we dont rectify our mistakes within the little time left
I am afraid,our mother earth will soon one day bid us farewell….