World  War III  refers to the next possible military conflict to happen in the world. The world war III fears have sent the whole world into pandemic. These  could be the  possible countries involved in World War III.


There  has been an ongoing conflict between the two countries, over becoming the most powerful country. The trade   war is going as the US has for long accused China of unfair practises , mad made imports expensive with the intention to promote buying of American products. China is under the impression that US wants to curb it’s growing power. However, it’s now been said that the trade war has taken a new form of destruction named Coronavirus.

Is Coronavirus Different Form Of World War III?

During the first two wars, war was  basically associated with nuclear weapons, missiles .But the spread of coronavirus have proved how world war  can be started without strong nuclear weapons, but with Virus. As compared to before , now the enemy is invisible  which can be considered as master stroke by China. The virus has reported to have come from the wet food market of the Chinese City, Wuhan. But the conspiracy theory by scientists show that the virus was a manmade invention in Labs , so that it could replace US by becoming the  next superpower in the world.

Global Institution like WHO(World Health Organization) was formed at the time of previous world wars, in order to control the situation arising in case of an emergency.  Back in January 2020,when the condition of China made everyone around the world panic, WHO declared this situation as emergency  and  went against the decision to ban international flights from and to the city of Wuhan. Had it not  been for this mistake, the world would have been saved .It was later that WHO declared that the pandemic has originated from the Chinese city , Wuhan. This decision was taken  under a  lot of pressure from all over the world specially USA  ,in fear of losing ties with the most powerful nation.


The relation between the two countries , primarily involved around the use of  nuclear weapon, missiles  and the  continuous threats to strike US. US has had meeting with North Korea thrice last year, to discuss not only  about the banning of their nuclear program, but also to ban their chemical and biological weapons. North Korea recently described nuclear forces as “high alert operation”, sending clear indications to Trump of it’s ability to attack anytime.


Donald Trump attacked Iran’s most powerful  leader, General Qasem  Soleimani by making an airstrike at the Baghdad airport. In his defence, Trump said that he did this to make the world a safer place .As retaliation, Iran launched dozens of missiles at US forces in Iraq. People all over the world were concerned about the  tention between the two countries, following threats by Donald Trump to unleash $2 trillion worth of military equipment.


History is proof of the bitter relations between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Right after the partition, there have been issues , conflicts and wars over the land. And on top of all this, the growing relations of India with US,  has put Pakistan in a state of fear .