The Land of temples

Welcome everyone, so Today, we are going to know about the land of temples, in India, the states have other names likewise the land of temples is Odisha Because, in Odisha there is many temples, also Odisha is not only famous for temples, but for other objects which we will know following on this study.

Odisha also known as Orissa, is located in Eastern India with the neighboring states with West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Andra Pradesh. The ancient name of Odisha was Kalinga, which was after the name of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. In Odisha, there are many temples to witness the beauty of the architect made in the ancient time. In India, it represents the multiple ethnicities, the diverse religion.

The main temple in Odisha, Jagganath Temple which is located in Puri which is famous all over the world, Sri Jagannatha Dhama is the other name of Puri, also famous Rath Yatra which is witnessed by millions of the people. It has a 1078-year-old huge structure with a great architecture design. You might know or may not know that the flag which is tied above the temple is changed every day with other design.

The design is never repeated and also the flag which is tied is triangular always flies in the opposite direction of the wind. To change the flag one priest always climb at the time of evening every day without any help or ladder to tie up a new flag. This is the most surprising fact that I have ever known.

Another surprising thing is that no bird fly above the temple. Yes, it’s true above the temple no birds you can see flying also you can test it by going to that place.

In the temple, the food is always made every day and the most extraordinary thing about the food is doesn’t get waste not a single day or a single bite, and the food every day is made with the equal quantity, and the people every day they can eat the food with a great taste, another thing is the food is always made in a different method it means the pots are placed over one another and are cooked using only firewood.

So there are many surprising things you will witness when you visit that place.

Then other temples are in the capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar.

The Bhubaneswar is known to be dedicated to Lord Shiva. In Bhubaneswar, there are many types of temples with beautiful architecture.

Some temples are:-

The first one is the Lingaraj Temple which is the largest temple in Odisha. It is height of about 180 ft (ca. 55 m) and another one 150 ft (ca. 46 m). The temple is believed to be made during the 11th century.

The second one is Ekamra Kshetra is one of the biggest religious places in Odisha which draws thousands of guests from all spots of the world. It is the symphysis of a multi-religious system consists of Bhraminical, Buddhist and Jain.

The third one is Konark which is built in the 13th century located near Puri, which is also recognized as The Sun Temple. It is listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, it also has a beach name as Chandrabagha beach which is the cleanest and beautiful beach in Odisha.

So these are the important places of Odisha. I wish you all loved this article and let me know in the comment have you been attended Odisha or not! Thank you for viewing this piece and have a nice day!