5 Original activities to do during quarantine

5 Original activities to do during quarantine

Covid 19 is something that the world has never expected to happen. Nobody was prepared for it. Thankfully most of the people are maintaining the lockdown but are getting bored at home. But this lockdown, one can use this time in different ways. One can really make it useful and productive.

During this quarantine period one can get back to his/her old photo albums. Memories are precious and they are a big part of a person’s life. In this busy and competitive world we hardly get time to get back to our memories. Now it is a golden opportunity to do that. One can browse through their memories ,cherish the time, and relive the moments.

Then people can also get back to their old hobbies like painting stitching, reading,writing etc. It is said that books are a person’s best friend. Those who have always been only engaged with their academic books for most of the time, can pick up their favourite genres and enjoy some quality time with short stories horror stories, novels etc.. Stitching is a fantastic hoby because it not only makes one happy but it also becomes productive when one makes something useful with it for daily life usage.There are different courses which are found online for free.. So one can actually cultivate and sharpen his/her potentials by learning new couses. Cooking is another best thing to do.

Gardening is another hobby that one can practice. In Wordsworth’s words ‘nature heals’. During quarantine it is very important that one takes very good care of his/her mental health. Moreover one might feel depressed and anxious due to the lockdown but then nature can help to maintain mental peace.By coming close to nature one can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Different colours and the greenery contribute to keep a person healthy and mentally fit.. Even the psychologists recommend this to the patients who suffer from anxiety and stress due to this current situation.

There are also people who had started working at a very young age due to financial problems but always wanted to be writers so they can start writing now. They can pen down their emotions and feelings on a sheet of paper and achieve what they have always desired.. Many pandamics have given rise to exceptionally talented writers so one must go ahead and fulfill his/her dearms once they are given this unsaid opportunity.

Just like nature, music therapy is another good thing to pursue. There are different online apps that are now available and many people who always have the desire to learn something new can actually utilize this occasion to learn the instrument or music or dance.
When it comes to cleaning most of the people hardly get time to clean their houses all by themselves. During this quarantine period one can actually get more familiar with their house by cleaning them and making then a better place to live it. It is often said in spiritual books that ‘when you clean something you actually clean your soul’Acknowledging this fact one can actually clean something and feel relaxed.This quarantine period,one can also keep some precious time for oneself.Me time is also very crutical for every individual.

Meditation is the best way to calm down and remain healthy.. In this world and life which keeps providing stess, one can actually relax by meditating.It increases concentration and makes a person more productive and energetic.Meditation ensures good mental and physical health and helps to reestore the lost energy.

To conclude we are currently in a state that has not happened in the recent past and that will not probably happen again. So everyone must utilize it in a positive way and create a vision that can lead ourselves and the nation to a better tomorrow.