Culture and history OF India

India is named for its multi-culture. The culture and history of the country would be the specialization and uniqueness of the country. The culture would be different from one to another country. India is a country with various cultures and great history. Indian people enjoying to follow the culture, their basic culture is to be truthful and honest. According to their states their ceremonies and festivals celebrating culture also different. From the religious and community basis the style of the celebration and other actions we’re different. Many of the foreign people had an attraction towards the Indian culture.

India has numerous religions. This also one of the reasons to call India a multi-cultured country. Basically, India is a Hindu nation. Majority of the people. Used to follow Hinduism in India. Muslims are the next majority religion in India. They are in more numbers in Kashmir, Maharashtra, Kerala, Nagaland. Some other minority religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. Architecture is also different from the style of religion. Because of their religious culture and style would be seen in their works.

India has a great history of its civilization. In 1920s Indian archeology department found that cities called Harrapa and Mohenjodaro were destructed before thousands of years ago. These places are well civilized. With the evidence of things like iron and copper, architecture, expensive belongings Cotton cloths we can know the civilization.

The history behind Indian literature also a great one. The Indian epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana was World famous. Even a lot of scripts destroyed before so many years, India has not excellent participation in literature.

– A.C.Amali