PollUtion needs a solution

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Pollution is a serious issue affecting our planet today, yet many people continue to turn a blind eye thinking that it’s not that s
Pollution as is is the addition of subs to the environment faster that thment can dispose, recycle, decompose, or store in a harmless state.
There are different types of pollution and includes water, soil, air, and sound pollution and all these continue to cause major problems. In our quest to better, our lives we forget or rather ignore the negative impacts such deeds can have on the environment.
Mostly the cities where there is a lot of population are most affected. The fumes that emanate from factories and vehicles not only make it difficult to breathe but affects the ozone layer. The garbage, honking, blaring music are all menaces that we should aim for a better plane
The biggest paradox is that the more we pollute the environment the riskier it becomes for us to live in it. Pollution affects our health, which lowers our quality of life significantly.
Poisonous chemicals emitted in factories are dangerous and exposes us to various elements that cause cancer. Garbage scattered all over increases the chance of us getting a variety of epidemic diseases.
The major problem brought about by pollution is global warming which has resulted to changes in the global climate patterns. We can no longer predict on what to expect on the different seasons unlike before. Things are so bad that life on earth in general is under great risk
According to scientists, it’s not too late to take action we can take measures to prevent any further damage and adopt better waste disposal measures for a better planet.
Each one of us needs to be responsible in protecting the environment. We can all do things better to ensure we safeguard our human race for our benefit and our future generations. Simple things such as saving electricity, fuel, using biodegradable materials, recycling, among others count in reducing pollution.
We should all aim to better our planet by the simple things we do. Take action now.