Unauthorised and Unregularised Colonies

The regularization of Unauthorised colonies has become a vote bank strategy for the political parties but my concern is that why so many new unauthorized colonies are cropping up, isn’t it the failure of planning and development monitoring at city level. My opinion to solve such issues lies in making plan approval and service delivery speedier than it is today. In this age of advance satellite technology and GIS technology development and urban sprawl can be easily monitored and checked. I don’t know the exact data but can say from recent news and discussions that DDA has notified  a large chunk of land for development in Delhi and whether for profit making or lack of resources DDA has been unable to provide developed land at the required pace of development taking place in Delhi and NCR. I can’t suggest drastic measures like denotifying all such land suitable for development but I would rather like DDA and MCD to work out some plan for engaging the private developers for developing the existing land before they get developed by the people the way they like and mess up the whole fabric of Delhi which has many heritages to boast of and most rapid growing urban centre in the world. Sometimes action taken in haste goes waste but inaction lead to reaction which is evident in the mushrooming of unauthorised colonies in Delhi or better say the NCR.

All human settlements whether urban or rural have a major chunk of land use as residential. Land Use Planning, a planning technique tries to create a balance between different land uses and conflicting land uses. Unauthorised and unregularised colonies constitute a reasonable part of residential land use which must be dealt with to improve the overall condition of an area. Read more about Land use planning in India

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