Problems of Slum in India…

The condition of slum is not unknown to anybody. The problem lies in the implementation of plan and policies for eradication and improvement of the slum. The problem of slum is not going to end until and unless we are able to provide the requisite number of houses for the increasing population and meeting the housing demand of of the floating population and the migrants to the big urban centres. The large backlogs of the affordable housing and housing for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group(LIG) negates all the efforts of the Central and State government policies and efforts of the urban local bodies to the extent that such programmes seems to be of no use. The pace of supply of housing in general is not upto mark and fails to meet the demand whatever may be the categories of income groups. This causes usurpation of even EWS and LIG housing by the upper income strata. You go to any of the EWS or LIG colonies of Delhi and you will be amazed to find the number of cars. Why I am saying to look at the number of cars as I think that that is a good indicator to show the income level of people.

Planners and policy makers can only initiate the process of eradication of slums and making cities and towns slum free. If you look at the factual data of various slum improvement and slum eradication programmes you will find that in the name of making cities slum free they are just making plans and schemes to delineate the location of slums in the towns and cities. The slum free plan is just a new way of making mockery of the ground realities. There are many plans and schemes already made and wrapped in the papers of reports and maps. The politics of planning is one of the reason why the problem of the slum in India is still the grim and in near future it will torment the mind and thinking of planners and policy makers of India.

We must be optimistic and hope for the better future for all but at the same that we must keep our base of thinking and vision on the ground of realities. Development of all regions of the nation must be made more balanced and the fruits of prosperity should be distributed among all rural and urban centres so that the migration is minimized. Economic development and planning must go hand in hand for better result.