A Visit to Gurh, Madhya Pradesh

Gurh is a small town 22 km away from Rewa, district head quarter. The area if the town is 850ha and population is 14590 as per the latest census 2011. The town can be reached through bus, jeep.

Now let’s see what is to be seen in the small town of the Madhya Pradesh.

At town level, Gurh has few tourist destination i.e. Kashtaharnath Temple and the old fort is notable among them. The old fort built by Jayant Rao is lying in dilapidated condition due to the negligence of the archaeological and tourism department of of the state. Currently, a a portion of the old fort has been converted into high school which is being expanded in the compound of the fort. The grim negligence of the heritage structure is quite visible as you can see a toilet has been constructed in the interior part of the fort. The existing water bodies (i.e. river front development of Bhichhiya and Bihiya and ponds) can be developed as recreational area for town and also as a major eco-tourism site for the locals. Baba Bhairao temple is situated at a distance of 5km from the town and the place has good potential for tourism as the area has good scenic beauty. The idol is in lying position having a length of 24ft. Yearly, fair is held during the month of July-August near the premises of the temple. There is lack of sufficient and efficient modes of transportation, infrastructure services in town that can hold the tourist. Tourist coming to Orchha or Khajuraho, Maihar, Panna National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park can be tapped. Thus, the town Gurh falls under Khajuraho–Panna–Bandhavgarh-Chitrakoot-Allahabad tourist circuit.

Two day fair is organised at Kashtaharnath Temple on Vasant Panchmi amd Shivratri. A fair is also organised at the Dam on the way to Nagar Parishad while going there from Rewa.

Hanuman Mandir is also good for attacting local tourists in the month of November. And Ram-vivah programme is organised during the event.

Unfortunately, the town has not been able to capitalize its potential in this sector as the site is in un- developed stage and lacks sufficient and efficient modes of transportation, infrastructure services such as street lights, public drinking water, public toilets, eating places etc. that can hold the tourist.


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