Osho the Great Spitual and Moral Leader of the World

Osho the Great

Osho the Great he is called

High esteem he does command

Among millions of followers

Among great gurus and philosophers

A man so brilliant and clever

The humanity has witnessed ever

One could hardly imagine

A man existed without vice and sin

With his philosophy of life

He erased enmity and strife

He relieved the mankind

From scores of sufferings

Lived life so simple

To set an example

For people to adopt and adapt

He was worldly wise and heavenly apt

Created a new culture, a way of life in the world

Synthesizing invaluable and infallible ideas new and old

Osho the Great he is called. . .

Brought out the gold out of the coal of ignorance

With knowledge and intelligence not by any chance

To tap the untapped potential of mind

Through his discourses and teachings

One among the many preachers

He presented his thinking with rationality

He is best of the teachers

Understands the mind’s criticality

Presented great thoughts in simple stories

People enjoyed listening to him forgetting worries

A man who moved humanity with his rationality

Crossing the geographic and thinking with rationality

A man who threatened a mighty nation

Not with force but due devotion

Shook the very base of governance and economics

His thoughts spread like epidemics

Transforming man from materialism to spirituality

Shedding the cladding of individuality

The oneness of thought and inherent emotion

Setting humanity in a new direction and motion

Greatest of the debater and thinker

He tried to transform and not tinker

The adulterated mentality of thinking about quantity

To thinking for reasons and the best of every quality

Spoke out what he thought being bold

Unfolding the mysteries of the world

Osho the Great he is called. . .
{Written in April, 2012 during my stay with Brajeshji, a stern follower of Osho and highly impressed by his due diligence to learn and adopt the teachings of Osho the Great. I have been privileged to have read and head his discourses}
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा ‘साहिल’)

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