Your memories

Your memories slowly creep
In the realm of mind
Sometimes it makes me weep
The hurt heart is left behind
Sometimes your memories make me laugh
The heart touching your act indeed
Sometimes I feel I am half
Your absence does remind
Life is a series of many a actions
Actions of love, passion and kind
Addiction to your love and affection
Sometimes I do find
Imprisoned in love and lust
Enslaved to mundane bind
My of free spirit is about to bust
I want a mind free and enlightened
I do wish to rewind
All episodes of love heightened
Forget all that we enjoyed together
Want to live life alone for ever
Snap all threads that intertwined
And then your memories slowly creep
Awake me from the deep sleep

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’
{ Written on 12 May 2012, thinking about the love that makes me strive for the best and sometimes fetters me into past.} 

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