A Young Age Cry

I start my day with a cry,
thinking about her all the time.
I have all regards for her,
hoping one day she would be mine.

What can I do if there is a communication gap,
she lives far away in some outer zone.
she never even tried to reply me back,
whenever I messaged and called her by phone.

It is true that the love is blind,
that tears you from inside and also even grind.
You forget everything from where does she belong,
or what does she do or you relation would long.

love is also fearless that is also right,
it is an immortal drink that makes you delight.
It can give you pain if there is any pore,
it can even kill you it is that much sour.

Keeping all these things in my mind,
I never fall in love ever before.
Right now Im in love which is true,
but she has already closed her door.

Oh God give me some strength or a better way,
I cant bear it any more, oh god I pray.
I will love her till my last breath,
I will love her everyday.

Shubham Koul
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

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