Sweet Sixteen

  • Sweet Sixteen
    Everything is haze
    Life is a maze
    We are in a phase
    Marked by sweet dream
    Loving like ice-cream
    We are teens
    Some say often
    It’s effect of sweet sixteen
    Dreaming of girls
    Mind precious pearl
    Like an eager dove
    Looking for love
    Love is life’s emblem
    You, me, all shall claim
    She is mine
    Young, fresh and fine
    Intoxicating like wine
    Loving like poetry line
    At the age of sixteen
    Learn and experience friendship
    The finest of relationship
    Which divide adversity
    And multiply prosperity
    At the age of sixteen
    We explore what does love mean
    Love, love, everywhere love
    Love poured from above
    To bring hearts closer
    And to take pleasure
    Explore and enjoy
    The joys of sweet sixteen

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’
    =====©SNS==3 January 2003

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