See What Dad Is Mad …

  • One day my dad
    To me, said
    O my son
    See and scan
    To get worldly pleasure
    I am mad
    But it is very bad
    Even after gaining in great measure
    I am surely sad
    I have lost all pleasure
    When I was a child
    My son like you
    I was so mild
    But you can see now
    I have turned stern
    Always seeking to earn
    I learn and learn
    And trick one another
    But O my son
    See and scan
    I want to be better
    Wealthier and richer
    But after gaining wealth
    I have lost my health
    Health of character
    Wealth of moral
    That once protected like coral
    When I was a child
    I was very good
    Now I have grown old
    And become so bad
    I have lost the art
    How to laugh from the core of heart
    I have lost the treasure of laughter
    How can I be better
    O my son
    See and scan
    When I was a child
    I was pure like gold
    Simple and good
    Fearless and bold
    Life was full of simplicity
    But now I have turned old
    I feel as if I have sold
    Treasure of childhood
    And see what I’ve earned
    A life full of complexity
    No time to enjoy
    Like a little school boy
    Now life is full of formality
    But in reality
    There is nothing
    Like reading the eyes
    Feeling sympathy
    And seeing the core of heart
    O my son
    If you can
    Teach me if you can
    Teach me how to laugh
    And how to be in merry-mood
    I want to unlearn
    All the tricks and artificiality
    I want to be natural
    I want to be happy
    As I used to be in childhood
    Take me away from the woods
    Woods of the needs
    And unhealthy deeds
    O my son if you can
    See and scan
    Be a model man 

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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