Sweet Smile…

  • Have a wonderful style
    Whenever you go for awhile
    Have a sweet smile
    On your lovely face
    Take it as an advice
    From your friend ‘Sahil’
    Living a happy life
    A task uphill
    We have to climb
    Your sweet smile
    Can turn a foe into friend
    Enmity will end
    Friendship will start
    Be wise and smart
    Keep rolling the ball of love
    Like a lovely dove
    With a sweet smile
    You can greet all
    And greet with smile without fall
    Young and old
    People of the world
    With this very smile
    In a short while
    You can change a man’s life
    Nullify strife
    Cover journey of mile
    With your sweet smile 

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma