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Call for Paper for Publication

We are happy to announce the successful publication of the April Issue of International Journal of Research (IJR) with ISSN 2348-6848 is an international peer reviewed, internationally refereed, online, open-access journal published monthly. It is absolutely free of any form of charge which predator journals get in the name of registration fee or processing fee. International Journal of Research (IJR) represents a revolution in scholarly journal publishing platform. A pioneering effort in liberal, open access publishing with fast and high quality peer review that brings journal publishing to the doorstep of every researcher and student. We believe that quality information should be free and accessible universally in this day and age. The ideology of an open-access journal is in being free for all and IJR will be free for all to read and share.

We encourage graduate, post graduate, PhD students and other scholar from the field of science, technology, planning and management to get their paper published and share the treasure of the knowledge that you have gained. To fulfill the aim and objectives of the Open Access Journal. We have made our content freely available for researchers and scholars to access and enhance their knowledge.

If you share this common view that scholarly content should be freely available and not locked up in the archives then it is time to come forward and be a part of the global mission of ensuring the publication and availability of the scholarly articles and research papers.

You can come forward to present the findings of the thesis or other research work in the form of a paper and make sure that your original thoughts and views reaches of the global audience. We have provided complete guidelines for the paper content-organization, formatting of the content etc. You can access them from our website.

The certificate of publication has been mailed to the authors through the email of the communing authors. We congratulate them and wish all the best for those who are going to send their article for publication in coming days.

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Research Papers: Content and Organization

International Journal of Research (IJR) requires you to write an abstract of the paper to help readers know about your paper before they read. You should take special care inn writing a good abstract and make sure that and the abstract accurately indicates the content of the paper.

 Writing a good paper is both science and art. You must work in a systematic and scientific manner to write the research paper and at the same time you need to apply the art of the content organization in the paper while writing.

Think before you start writing. Give a suitable title to the paper you are writing and after completion of the paper you do need to change the title of the paper to reflect the true sense or the central idea of the research paper. The title should be able to express accurately and concisely reflect the content of the paper.

Make sure that you include the name of the authors who have contributed in the paper. Ensure that the listed authors have contributed in the true sense of the term and they should be aware about the whole content, even though someone has written a part of the paper.

The introduction of the paper must convey a clear, identifiable and sufficient context of the study or the paper intents to educate or enhance the knowledge of the readers.  The introduction should make clear what gap the current research is intended to fill and how it is going to help in deciding the future course of action. The introduction should explicitly indicate the objectives, hypotheses, or research questions that the paper is dealing with.

The paper should contain sections in the paper which describes the research method adopted for the particular study. And it should also give sufficient information to replicate the research methodology like what are the benefits and what are the loopholes in the methods or tools used.  Make sure that your methods of research section provide sufficient information to evaluate the research. In the methods section, ensure that the sources of equipment, organisms, reagents, etc. are adequately identified and listed. In case of use of humans or animals, then the research paper should indicate the appropriate approvals from competent authorities.

Ensure that the research paper is presented in the logical manner. Detailed discussion and analysis of the facts and figures must be presented with adequate figures, charts, tables and diagrams. Ensure that the results are presented in the appropriate details. Make sure that you use appropriate statistical methods used while analyzing and presenting your research.

In the discussion section make sure that you address the questions or hypotheses posed in the introduction adequately.  Make sure to present a discussion in sufficient context of the study. Make sure that you do an appropriate discussion to address the strengths and weaknesses of the research.

Finally, you should present the conclusions and recommendations regarding the research results. You should also discuss the future prospects of your research and study to guide fellow researchers engaged or interested in that field of study.

This article is contributed by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Research Paper

Writing a good research paper and getting published in a journal which keep your article locked in the archive for others to buy will not be a good option in this world of increasing availability of content through open sources. Our attempt is to provide your article wide discorability through indexing in the multiple channels and sharing on social media.

We are committed to host your published articles forever which will ensure that your article is accessible to generations to come. Sharing is knowledge is more important than gaining and storing in black and white. Our content managers are dedicated to ensure that your published articles get list into the Google scholar in a week which will ensure that anyone can refer your freely available book on our journal website i.e. here.

So, it is time to come forward to make this world of knowledge more easily accessible to millions of people of developing and under-developed world.

Discovering what interests you and how to share ideas with your readers is a strong beginning for a research paper that will take you beyond your current level of knowledge. You mastery of subject matter should be known to millions and not few how can access the elite journals.

Hope to see your scholarly articles published soon!
We are happy to help you evolve!

Editorial Team

International Journal of Research (IJR)