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Ring of Fire: Mystery of the dark sky

Solar eclipse captured by a professional photographer.
An image of a solar eclipse captured on a camera.

Nature has hundreds, thousands, and many more of underlying mysteries unsolved. It has left us astonished, including the researchers, scientists, and even us, while endorsing the creation of the beautiful environment around us. Let us decode the riddle all about the ring of fire. Ring of fire may confuse you with the area in the Pacific Ocean, but here it’s about the solar solstice.

This year, you will observe one of the rarest eclipses, the ring of fire. But what is the solar solstice, you might have come across this term while you’ve studied environmental science in your childhood. The word originated from the Old French solstice and from the Latin sōlstitium where sōl means the Sun and sistō refers to stand still. The solstice happens two times every year in June and December when the Sun arrives at its one of the unique positions in the sky as we can see from the North Pole or the South Pole. Solar Eclipse, on the other hand, refers to when the Moon is directly between the Sun and the planet Earth, which usually occurs twice in a year and can go up to 5 of them in a year occasionally.

The most significant thing is that how do you observe this spectacular event. During this occasion, wearing proper eye protection is a must, or else it can cause retinal burns. Even a slight revelation to this light can destroy cells in the retina: vision, one of the essential senses through which we can watch the world around us through the brain, you cannot risk to lose it. We can use a pinhole projector, which can be your next science-related DIY project, as one of the methods to observe it properly. There are other methods like telescope attached with solar filters, or you can even watch them online when the various astronomical organisations broadcast it around the world.

We always had a desire to look into the Sun directly in the sky and go blank for a while, unable to see things for the next few minutes. But this opportunity allows us to see the Sun in its most enthralling form. On June 21, 2020, the first solar eclipse in the year full of events like the recent pandemic, which affected everyone directly and indirectly. Now when Mother Earth has been recovering to its fullest, this will be one of the most awaited moments of the year to capture and create some positive memories. You can check the path of the eclipse on the official NASA site mentioned below.


Eclipses have occurred several times throughout the history of humanity. There are several myths which leads to a reason that some of us take it in a positive manner or vice-versa. In the end, it teaches us the fact that there is always a way to light after every darkness, no matter how deep or bad memories do you go through, there is still a way to recover from it. In the 21st century, where science and technology are advancing day by day, but watching out nature’s fantasies, is what still keeps us connected to the field of astronomy, history, and beliefs and can be a motivational factor for the growth of a positive character within you.