Getting out of a toxic relationship is the first step to getting to know yourself better. Breaking up with a toxic person can sometimes feel like your whole world is falling apart and you see no hope left in you nor the world around you. Being in a relationship with a toxic person can make you feel like you can’t live without them. Here you realize that you are better off without that person in your life.

Some ways to learn to love yourself are:

1. Learn to let go-I know letting go of someone you thought you’ll spend your entire life with is difficult. It is easy to say this but it is difficult for the person to take this step but remember you will see A new you at the end who has learned to love oneself. It’ll be difficult at first, but the more you practice.

2. Have some”me time”- This is the time to do things your partner never gave you “permission” to do. Go meet those friends, pamper yourself with manicures, write a novel, take up a new hobby.

3. Minimize your bad habits-After a breakup it gets intriguing to go for drinks, smoke, or some other bad habits. You might feel good in the short span but later on, you’ll find yourself ruining your life even more. So let go of those bad habits!

4. Make your health a priority- Exercise instead of turning to junk food or binge-watching Netflix. Start eating healthier. It will boost you up and help you sleep better.

5. Take control-After some time away from the toxic person you will feel the urge to go back to that person, Stop yourself! Channel your energy in something productive.

6. Communicate with others- A tough breakup can make you wonder in life. At this time the people you should surround yourself with are your friends and loved ones. Discussing the emotions and feelings you have after a breakup can make you feel better. Having someone who not only hears you but listens to you is a blessing.period.

7. Try practicing mindfulness-After a breakup letting go of negative thoughts and emotions is important. This is where mindfulness can help.

“Much of spiritual life is self-acceptance, maybe all of it.”

-Jack Kornfield

8. Focus on the positive-It will take some time to get rid of the toxic thoughts and focus on the positive. But when you finally do it you will realize that you give more to yourself than one could ever give. You learn to accept your flaws and this positive outlook in life will help you connect and meet new people.

9. Be patient-Healing from the damage could take some time but you need to be patient; with time passing you’ll think that you cannot trust anyone again and then realize that this isn’t true. Practicing different types of exercises and new habits will ultimately help you let go of the past and make you a much confident person. So remember, patience is the key!

10.Never underestimate yourself-Never underrate yourself because you alone know the emotions and hurt you’ve gone through. Molding yourself into a stronger person is in your hands.

When you learn to love yourself everything will fall into place.