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All the workers of local police station are under our scope of investigation, Kanpur IG on Vikas Dubey case

Gangster Vikas Dubey

One of the abettors of Vikas Dubey revealed that the gangster had the information about the raid and the suspect was possibly from the police station. Kanpur IG said on Monday that the Chaubepur police station is under the scope of the investigation.

“All the workers of the local police station are under our scope of investigation on how Vikas Dubey got information about police movement,” Kanpur IG Mohit Agarwal said on Sunday.

“Services of cops in league with him will be terminated and they will face a criminal trial,” he added. Another official said that the staff of the entire Chaubeypur police station was suspect.

“Several examples are available now that show the not only the mid level officer, constabulary and senior police officers remained soft due to the caste factor. He survived all these years because of his activities on the caste-lines. It involved not only the cops but politicians, businessmen and so on,” said an official who did not want to be named.

3o policemen are under investigation after UP Special Task Force (STF) and investigators found that the policemen were in contact with the gangster.

Despite he was involved in 60 known criminal cases, Dubey did not figure in the top 10 criminals of the city because he used to get the information from the policeman.

What has startled the investigators is the enormity of support the gangster had on caste-lines from the police. Two senior police officers of Deputy SP rank, several sub-inspectors and constables have been questioned.

One of the deputy SPs was asked why he did not follow the routine procedure of invoking gangster act, registering his gang at district level after the 2019 shootout, which Dubey’s men carried out in Kalyanpur and a case of attempt to murder was registered.

The questioning was in context of murderous assault mounted on the gangster’s brother Anurag Dubey in Kalyanpur. Anurag’s wife Rita had lodged an FIR naming Vikas, his closest aides Pawan Tiwari, Aman Tiwari and two others on April 18, 2018.

“The officer kept mum; he chose not to answer to the question on why did he go soft on him. The reaction of other was no different,” said an official involved with the investigation. The sub-inspectors and constables were bit more forthcoming on this issue and said Dubey used to take good care of men from a particular caste.

“Otherwise he was abusive to all the policemen he used to speak to over the phone or in person. Wo seedhe gaali dekar baat karta tha (he used to abuse cops right from the start),” the cops told, adding that they were afraid of him and preferred not to be at odds with him.

 IG Kanpur range Mohit Agarwal said, “The suspended station officer (SO) of the Chaubepur police station, Vinay Tiwari was manhandled by Vikas Dubey, a day before the cops conducted a raid at his residence in which eight cops were killed.”

“However, the SO didn’t inform the senior officials about the incident otherwise, our team would have prepared accordingly before the raid. He has been suspended and a probe has been ordered,” he said, adding that Vikas Dubey knew about the raid at his residence.

IG Mohit Agarwal said, “It is very clear Vikas Dubey knew about our movement. He was fully armed along with other criminals at his residence and opened fire on the police team. All the cops of Chaubepur police station are under the scope of the investigation.”

“If any policeman is found guilty of helping Vikas Dubey and other criminals, he will be booked under charges of murder and sent to jail. We will also terminate him from service,” he said.