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the office

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” 

— Michael Scott

It was March 24,2005 when the US remake of the British show, The Office premiered on NBC. Not many people were excited for the remake , and when the ratings for the first season were low, no one expected a second season. Fast forward to 2020, and the show has become one of the admired and beloved sitcoms of all time, with nine seasons, positive reviews from many critics, a Golden Globe, 4 Primetime Emmy Awards and an extremely accomplished alumnus.

Recently the show celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. With the world battling Coronavirus and everyone under lockdown, people are turning to the show for comfort, and why wouldn’t they? The hilarious antics of the employees of Dunder Mifflin under the management of the immature and  enthusiastic regional manager, Michael Scott,  provide comfort and relief to the viewers under these difficult circumstances. 

The show is immortalised for its contribution to pop culture. With iconic quotes and memorable characters it has become one of the most bountiful contributors to the present day internet humour. The show also served as a breakthrough for many wonderful actors. For example, Steve Carrell has went on to star in The Big Short and the Emmy-nominated Apple TV original ‘The Morning Show’ featuring  Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon. John Krasinski portrayed an action hero in the Amazon original, Jack Ryan, and even directed The Quiet Place. Krasinski also launched and hosted an eight-episode web series called Some Good News during the pandemic, where he discussed several feel-good stories and also reunited The Office cast, which was something the world really needed. 

The show also served as a starting point for many accomplished writers, like the New York Times Best-Seller writer Mindy Kaling, Emmy-Nominated B.J. Novak and co-creator of Parks and Recreation, Greg Daniels. The writers were heavily involved with the show, and some of them including Novak, Kaling, Mike Schur and Paul Lieberstien even had recurring roles in the show. 

The Office significantly changed pop culture. It bought back single-camera sitcoms, which are shows that are shot like a TV drama, with one camera at a time, allowing it to use various locations and settings and to look more “movie-like.” It also thrived in a time where shows with laugh tracks like Friends were preferred by the audience. It proved to the audience that they could laugh even when the TV didn’t tell them to. 

It is indeed surprising to know that a show which ended almost nine years ago could be so relevant amongst the younger generations. Many people relate to the show as it is real and shows the viewer the reality of a normal 9-5 job rather than being a fantasy depiction of real life. Many consider the show to be therapeutic, and see it as a form of escapism. It is regarded as one of the best shows of all time.

Quitting your job for social media

In one of my previous articles, I talked about influencer culture and the growth in the number of influencers in the past decade. One of the things that I mentioned was how some influencers tend to leave their day jobs and possibly even drop out of school to pursue social media. This was perhaps not very normal when influencers were just coming about, but has become extremely normalised in the past year or two. It is also more common amongst those having a big platform on YouTube than it is with any other form of social media. But now the question that arises is, should influencers quit their day jobs or drop out of school to pursue social media?

Up until the late 90s and early 2000s, getting a standard 9-5 job, working your way up the corporate ladder and retiring at 60 was the norm. However, the younger generations are realising from a very early age that they want to break this norm. They want to do something creatively fulfilling and entertaining, which is one of the many reasons why the number of influencers has risen. People as young as 15 have gained fame and are making millions. However, it is very easy for this fame to get to their head and convince them that they are invincible. Their audience keeps praising them which only inflates their ego, and they’re eventually convinced to drop out of school. 

It is understandable why this is so appealing. Who would want to sit in a classroom memorising formulas when you can be making millions from the comfort of your home. Some say that there is no right or wrong path for students to follow in life. However, it should be realised that it is simply not realistic for children to drop out of school. Your knowledge is a weapon no one can take from you. It is a common fact that some of the stuff that school teaches you is nonsensical and you won’t ever need to “solve for x” in real life. But this doesn’t mean that you should call it overrated and drop out. As much as you hate it, it is a crucial part of life. It gives you some important skills needed to be a functioning member of society. We need to stop propagating the idea that school is worthless and kids should drop out, and also better the education system, not dismiss it.

Now, if we talk about adults leaving their day jobs for social media or YouTube, there is a difference. For one, they have already passed from school and are much more independent than a teenager who is considering to drop out. Many people tend to look down on content creating and label it as a “fake job”. I believe that if something supports you economically and helps you earn money, it is a job. Social media is unstable and one isn’t going to be relevant forever. Also, those are more privileged and have more advantages are going to have a much more stable life if they quit their day jobs, so this is something which is not really for everyone. But, since the rules are different for adults and teens, one cannot really decide whether people quitting their day jobs for social media is right or not. 

I believe that if one chooses to pursue social media full time, they should have some other responsibilities or hobbies in their life. Having some other structure in your life can help you to avoid being stuck all day in the toxicity of social media, as it can get extremely negative. It is also important for them to have a backup plan, as internet fame can be fleeting, and while taking advantage of your online platform when it is thriving is great, one shouldn’t expect it to last forever and work on other things on the side.