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The Green Way

With the world going green, the automotive industry is remoulding itself to making the world a better planet by switching over from fuel to electric. Electric cars are a much better option with no emissions and thereby reducing air pollution drastically. In heavily populated countries like India and China, there is a grave need to reduce air pollution. Beijing and New Delhi are two of the most polluted cities in the World with regard to air quality index. Greener options like electric cars would pave the way to the global community having a better AQI.

With the introduction of electric cars and vehicles, the global community may have found a solution to the nagging problem. The West Bengal government and the Delhi government has already started introducing electric public buses into their fleet to meet the growing demand for buses and curb air pollution at the same time. During winter the AQI in some parts of West Bengal and New Delhi cross 500 and beyond which is hazardous and may lead to breathing problems and lung diseases. Governments around the world have recognised the need to keep the AQI in check. The Delhi government had introduced the odd and even scheme to reduce traffic and the AQI but it was not successful.

Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata Tigor EV, Mahindra e2o Plus, Audi e-tron are some of the electric cars which are available in India. Tata Tiago EV which is expected to launch in September 2020 is estimated to have a price of 5-7 lakhs which is quite affordable going by private car standards. Affordable pricing, an efficient car with proper service centres are some of the key aspects if E-Cars are to replace fuel-based cars.

Electric Totos are already plying in various cities around India. These Totos are energy efficient and helping curb the pollution contrary to those induced by other transport vehicles like Auto-Rickshaws and public buses. Affordable and comfortable, the public in India has gladly embraced the battery-operated Totos as a means of short-distance transport.

The Tesla electric cars are taking the automotive industry by storm. Economical, green and safe Tesla will be the leading carmaker in the years to come. Elon Musk has promised a $35,000 Tesla car which is approximately 25 lakh in Indian currency which is quite economical by global standards and the advanced features that a Tesla car offers.

The automotive industry is scampering to turn electric and grab the market share. Electric buses not only ensure the stoppage in unwanted emissions but also keeps private cars off the road by providing an economical alternative for travel. With the rising number of lung diseases in India, the government must slowly replace fuel-based cars with electric. Renewable energy to recharge the Ev’s would further ensure a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles are easier to maintain and charging the EV is cost-efficient too. Electric vehicles are quieter compared to fuel cars and is thus a pleasant driving experience contrary to other cars. Electric cars will be another way to fight and combat climate change. The many advantages of electric vehicles make the future for EV’s bright and more appealing.