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Kobalt vs. Ridgid

 Talking of power tool brands, there are a couple of brands that everyone is well aware of. These brands are worth considering.

Two such brands are Kobalt and Ridgid.

We will take a look at how the brands compare their quality and products. It will help you decide which of the two you should go with.

 Kobalt and Ridgid are by origin, American companies. Kobalt started as a private label of the high-rated Lowe’s hardware store. Ridgid was a tool company from start itself.

None is better than the other.

Both brands are well-worth considering. While one can’t go wrong with either brand. One should go with Kobalt if you are looking for regular cordless tools. Go with Ridgid if you are looking for lighter- 12-volt tools.

 Both brands are in a fierce marketing battle. Each terming that their brand manufactures the better 18V cordless drill driver.

Product Comparisons

·       Miter Saw


Kobalt SM3055LW Specifications

Kobalt’s value-priced has the sliding compound feature, which is a win-win deal at a price DIYers can reach. Kobalt has put the bevel adjustor to the front. Most miter saws place the lock on the back, It is good to make it a little bit easier by placing it in front. Though, Kobalt does not list the specific miter and bevel positive stops. The trade-off in accuracy pushes through tough cuts. It’s a great option for DIY projects. Professionals, who need perfection in their angles, may get disappointed.


Ridgid flagship, a 12-inch miter saw is a decent package. It is a heavy model thanks to oversize base, but that base offers a lot of cutting support. It’s also one of the most generous saws with miter angles going about 60 degrees to the left and right. If you’re not in a hurry, wait for a coming holiday offer. This saw offers great value at its current price.

·         Circular saw

Kobalt K 15 CS – 06 AB

Weight: 9.5 lbs Cost: $90.

This Kobalt saw has a big outboard height-adjust lever. It also has a depth scale on the side of the blade cover. The saw has a 12-foot cord approximately 2 feet longer than others. The saw also has work light and onboard blade wrench storage. 

Ridgid R-3205

Weight: 11 lbs Cost: $99.

One of the best feature Ridgid power tools is the lifetime warranty. This saw includes easy-to-read bevel and height-adjust scales. It also has an onboard wrench along with a sawdust blower. It’s very heavy, but if you don’t mind the extra weight, it’s an excellent saw for the price.

·         Compact drill drivers

Kobalt KT200A

The Kobalt KT200A’s weight and size place it among the biggest and bulkiest of the drivers. This tool tapped out in lag screw competition. The results were very underwhelming. , Kobalt has this driver priced at $149, which is in line with the others. 


Ridgid’s latest offering is very compact, yet it is quite heavy. The R86008 performs well in a time test with 203 screws driven and placed first in lag screw power test. While not an important faction the Ridgid has a great feature set and best grip feel of the line-up. It also has the best warranty.

·         Table saw comparison: Kobalt v/s Ridgid 

Kobalt 7-Inch Tabletop Sliding Table Saw With Stand

 The Kobalt 7-Inch Tile saw is a great DIY table saw with a helpful inbuilt laser guide for best accuracy. It includes AAA batteries needed to power the laser guide.

Kobalt offers extenders on both sides of the cutting deck for support on large tiles. The physical tile guide or rail is capable of moving on either side of the blade. The 45-degree angle miter guide slides making the work cleaner.

The top of the Kobalt tilts from 22.5 to 45 degrees for the best cuts no matter the angle you need.

As an extra safety feature, the Kobalt has a covered power switch, making it impossible to turn this saw on.

Ridgid 7-Inch Tile Saw With Stand

 The Ridgid 7 inch saw has a quality fit for angled cuts, a tilting top, and plenty of power. The power switch turns on by lifting up, so there is no risk of accidental start.

This saw offers a clear splash hood for good visibility as you cut. You’ve got space for 18″ of straight cutting and 12″ of diagonal alignment.

The miter guide on this tool has a lifting handle which is of die-cast aluminum, not plastic. You won’t have any flexing or bowing issues as you work through long cuts.

Kobalt and Ridgid: History

Kobalt is the brand of a line of hand and power tools by the American hardware store chain Lowe’s. Launched in 1998, this brand is new compared to some of the big names out there. Lowe’s has a campus in Mooresville, North Carolina with over 10,000 employees. Kobalt started producing cordless power tools in 2011.

Ridgid is much older, established in 1923, in Ohio. Ridgid Tool Company manufactured hand tools. Later it got popular because of their durability and ease of use. The company shifted to Elyria, Ohio, in 1943, and became a sub-brand of Emerson Electric in 1966.

Techtronic Industries, headquartered in Hong Kong produces Ridgid power tools.

 Which Brand Has a Better Product Portfolio?

Kobalt offers a single 18V cordless drill. It also includes around forty 24V cordless tools including 

* Jigsaws 

* Reciprocating saws

* Circular saws

* Impact wrenches

* Hammer drills 

Kobalt also offers blowers, grinders, rotary cutting tools, and combo kits. The Kobalt product catalog is quite wide.

 But note, Ridgid offers over thirty different 18V power tools, including 

* Nailers

* Circular saws

* Impact drivers 

* Rotary hammers 

* Blowers

* Radios 

* Fans

Ridgid has a greater variety of 18V power tools compared to Kobalt.

Though the difference between 18V and 24V tools is not as large as it seems.

Which Brand Offers a Better Warranty?

Ridgid power tools come with an automatic 3-year manufacturer warranty. Ridgid offers an industry-Leading Lifetime Service Agreement for its power tools. Ridgid LSA includes cordless power tools, corded power tools, tile saws among others.

The LSA offers its consumers free parts, service, and batteries for life. 

Parts covered in this warranty include 

* Chucks 

* Motors

* Switches

* Gears

* Piston stops

* Driver blades.

Getting these parts replaced is simple. Call their helpline and register a service request is to get parts replaced. You can also get your power tools repaired at the nearest service center.

 Kobalt offers solid warranties for its power tools. Handheld power tools and lights have a 5-year tool and a 3-year battery guarantee. 

Always keep in mind that this guarantee does not cover the following 

* Damage due to abuse

* Improper maintenance

* Neglect

* Unauthorized repair

* Alteration.

Kobalt power tool accessories come with a satisfaction guarantee. The 24V Max brushless power tools have a 1-year risk free guarantee and a 5-year limited guarantee.

 Both manufacturers offer decent warranties. If anything fails or breaks down in the future, you can rest assured of its repair or replacement.

 Which Brand Offers Better Quality?

Kobalt and Ridgid, both are well known for their high-quality products. Although the former is a new brand. Ridgid is a renowned name in hand tools. Though it started manufacturing power tools recently.

Chevrons, a Chinese OEM manufactures most of Kobalt’s power tools. Sunrise Global and Greenwork Tools produce Kobalt’s cordless 80-volt outdoor power equipment. In general, Emerson in the US makes the red Ridgid tools, and TTI produces orange Ridgid tools in China.

Which Company Offers a Better Selection of 12V Tools?

Earlier, Kobalt offered a limited selection of 12-volt tools; it is not the case anymore. At present Kobalt focuses on promoting its 12-volt cordless power tools.

Ridgid only offers two 12-volt power tools – an impact driver and a drill/driver.

 Which Company Offers a Better Selection of Impact Drivers and Drills?

 Kobalt has various products in its lineup of 24V cordless tools. These are powerful tools. They can handle the routine home improvement task and even professional jobs.

One of Kobalt’s top hammer drills delivers 26,000 BPM. It has a two-speed gearbox and variable-speed trigger that delivers well.

Ridgid has a smaller variety of hammer drills, impact wrenches, and drills. Their top 18V hammer drill output is about 1,300 inch-pounds of torque.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

If you’re a professional and are looking for a set of durable and high-performance tools, go with Ridgid. Especially if L.S.A covers the products you wish to buy.

 Ridgid has a smaller selection of 24V power tools and more 18V tools.

 If you’re a casual user, Kobalt is a good choice, especially if you need lots of options to pick from.


Growing level of competition good for youth

A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.-Ovid

Competition!competition!competition!No matter,if you go to a school,or an higher institution, or you are a job aspirant (government or private),or you own a shop, you work at any sector;a certain level of competition will hang on your head to gear you up at every point of your life. And if you try and escape from the monster, in one way or the other, it comes back to you, to remind your purpose of existence over this earth.But the real question of the hour is, does competition pumps up a person? Or does it make them feel more distressed? We all are surrounded by innmuberable questions, that makes the most intrinsic parts of our lives, but eventually fail to answer them. Who scored the best? Who is this year’s CBSE topper? Who all got the promotion? Why did you not achieve that rank? And etc etc etc. finally making, either the person think upon it, do to better, or sadly making them disheartened over their loss.Living in a society as this, who wants nothing but success, it has now become common phenomenon to see people competing against each other, sometimes winning, and sometimes failing. The extent to which their winning and losing matter, does nothing, stretches the line of demarcation about how good or evil the competition becomes for them. The term, healthy competition, which is getting more and more popularity today, may seem convincing, but it actually does not matter, unless the person understands its literal sense. So, consequently, the question is still the same, directly or indirectly, how good is competition for the youth? Whether you are a youngster, or a child, competition begins right from the day you step out of the womb of your mother. But, for an adult or youngster, it becomes much more difficult to get up and walk along the path that they have choose for themselves. If you are a school pass out, first thing you have to do is try and get the best carrier path for yourself, and the tussle doesn’t end there, to get the right job becomes another duty. But, if you are fighting for a competitive exam, dedication and struggle is all, that you have to do, but if you fail, the responsibility comes upon you, and to kill your motive, “words of the world” are enough. And if you are seeking for a job, you have to be perfect of all. Leading to more and more compitiveness among the youth.Talking about the goodness of competition in youths’ lives, it is totally dependent upon the perception of oneself, so as to be a burden of oneself, or just get pressurised over what hasn’t been well, yet. The term, healthy competition, which has been called upon many a times to motivate people, has worked out for those who really know what it is conveying, but the people who have less dedication towards what they want, and are confused as to what to do, ones they fail, are more likely to be disappointed with their own expectations. Putting all your heart and soul into something and still not getting out the results, and seeing everyone else moving ahead, is like a jerk to the soul. But, still working over it is the indication, that you are progressing in life, cutting through all the rough routes you have been into.

Competition actually pumps any person up to work more and more over something, but giving up on it does not have to be the only option, because once you stop, starting from the scratch remains the only option, eventually seeing others moved far off.