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When someone tells you to WORK HARD! What does this hard work mean? Why we are always supposed and forced to work hard? Generally, everyone gives us this blessing or advice for us to work hard! To work by investing all of your efforts is your hard work, but, when you invest all of your brains is SMART WORK!

Your approach towards your work shows, either you are doing hard work or doing smart work. When you work hard, then also you achieve your target, but, the journey is quite stressful and time taking. On the other hand, if you work smartly, you find valid shortcuts, less time-consuming ways to proceed, good planning, and many more.

Hard work is something like bull work; the bull is used in fields as they are very strong and have a lot of physical power. Moreover, smart work is the logical effort, your efforts are not only for sake of completion of the work, but you also enjoy doing that, manage it well and accomplish it.

In colleges, there are students of two different categories, one who studies the whole syllabus putting their blood and sweat to get good marks or to be in the first position. On the other hand, some students come in the second category, they analyse, what is going to come? What is the actual pattern? They contradict this based on previous year question papers. Their inclination is towards smart work, not hard work!

Hard Work set one’s sight on the quantity, maybe it becomes boring after some time, but, it is done with all your heart and gives the best results. Smart Work set one’s sight on the quality, one find ways to reduce time but put all the efforts, this also gives the best results.

Always do laudable work! Hard work pays off. Same, Smart work pays off! If one believes, hard work is more profitable, than one should go with that, and if, one finds smart work more profitable, then go with the strategies of smart work. Work Hard or Work Smart, focus on the positive outcome.

To create the foundation of your achievements, you must do hard work, but, to do the same work in less amount of time, and more efficiently, you should work smartly.

Working hard requires a lot of time, efforts as it is a traditional work style, working smartly give you outputs earlier, and much more easily as you worked by analyzing and managing.

For achieving your goals, not only physical strength is required, but mental strength also plays a very important role in your journey. You have to rub your mind, make it sharper, understand your goal, and start a journey which involves creative work, time management, and many more.

Hard Work and Smart Work together will give you TRIUMPH! Many famous personalities: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Aryabhata has given their lives for their researches; those researches show their hard work and are useful for us till date. They used their mind smartly and did hard work simultaneously.



His mother was a darling sister of a cruel brother,

The one who was brutal, and, never thought of others.

This was the day of her wedding, the day she experienced ecstasy,

The happiness lasted just for a little, it was the time for the biggest prophecy.

His parents were thrown inside the prison, just for the cruel deed of killing the little ones,

The massacre, the infamy, the biggest sin, that happened once.

This was the day of his eighth incarnation; the entire earth was filled with joy and thrill,

The divine power was here now; the pot of wrongdoing was now filled.

His boyhood was full of mischievous pranks,

 Still was adored in the river banks.

This was the time of saying goodbye, to those lovely peeps,

To make imperfect things perfect which were in heaps.

His life long journey never ended at a single place,

But, situated a city that enemies could never trace.

This was the time for the biggest battle, 

Which ruined the life of many innocent people.

He gave the lesson of Bhagavad Gita to his dearest one,

His love for him was so pure that was more than his son.

The sorrowful mother cursed the divine power,

Now, he has to face the moment of ending his vigour.

Be never died in heart of his devotees,

His acts were still alive holding the worthy.

World before corona and after!

COVID-19! Corona Virus Disease 2019! It is a widely spread disease which is harming the valuable lives of people. This disease is an infectious disease caused by a coronavirus. The symptoms of this disease include high fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, chest pain.
Before this pandemic, our lives were going very smoothly, everything was perfect as it should be. We all were living our lives the fullest, students were dealing with their studies or were preparing for exams, fresher were exploring jobs, few were busy and focusing on their career, few were living their daily routine, and many more.
We’ve never seen such days when the whole country is locked, even our parents have never faced such scenario in their previous lives, and not even our grandparents have seen the whole World locked for so many days.
Life before Corona was so easy for us to live, we don’t have to wash our hands for several times in a day, there was no compulsion for wearing masks all time, we used to greet others by shaking a hand or by giving hug, we enjoyed the parties with our friends and family, went for outings, used to go for long drives and experiencing the cold wind, we used to go for dinner or lunch, there were a lot of things we did before this disease came.
Now, when we have to be aware and have to be safe, we are not supposed to do the things as we used to do. We can’t roam without wearing masks, can’t gather with lots of people.
All have seen many dreams for the day of their wedding; everyone wants to celebrate the day with all the friends, family and society. For a few more days, these dreams can’t be fulfilled as there is no fixed time when this problem will end.
Schools and Colleges are closed, studies are not on the track, no one knows when this all will be perfect as it was. Still, the teachers are making efforts every possible to teach their students.
As we all know, now the lockdown is over, but still, the problem is not yet solved. The positive cases are still increasing very rapidly, which is not good for anybody. We are allowed to go out, but not allowed to touch anything. We can celebrate, but only with few people. The things are changed, The ways of living are changed.

To get more information about the disease. Please go through this link.

Military: a career choice for women!


In 1918, Loretta Walsh was the first woman to be enlisted in U.S Navy. In 1948, a law was passed which made women a permanent part or military services. The first group of women were admitted into the U.S military in 1976. Esther McGowin Blake was the first woman to serve in the U.S. Air Force.

A woman, a slave near Jefferson City, Missouri, Cathay Williams was the first known African American woman to serve in the United States Army, named as “William Cathay” she hid the fact she was a woman.

Opha May Johnson was the first woman to be enlisted in the U.S Marine Corps. She joined in 1918 during World War I.

Colonel Ruby Bradley, a survivor of two wars, World War II and the Korean War. Her military record included 34 medals.


Role of women in the Indian Army started in 1888, during British Raj as “Indian Military Nursing Service”.

In 1992, the army, air force, the navy started including women as short-service commission (SSC) officers.


1.) Army: Short Service Non-Technical Commission, Short Service Commission Women NCC, Short Service Commission Women Judge Advocate General, Short Service Commission Women Technical Entry Scheme, Military Nursing Services, Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps.

2.) Navy: Naval Architecture, Observer, Education, Logistics, Law, Pilot General.

3.) Cyber Army: Associations of Ethical Hackers and Resource Center for National Police Agencies. This is to meet the long term security challenges in the digital arena.

4.) Air Force: Flying Branch, Technical Branch, Ground Duty Branch.

4.) Army Education Corps: An education centre, run by the Indian Army that develops soldiers and officers of all rank.


1.) Opportunities for women are more- the jobs that were available for women in the military were quite limited. But, this now this is changed in the early nineties. Women who are interested in non-traditional career opportunities might consider a military career.

2.) Health Benefits- the military offers full medical coverage from the moment you join. These benefits apply both to officers and their family members. Spouses and children are also eligible for coverage.

3.)Education and Service- the military covers up to 100% of tuition fees while you are serving for the nation and studying together. Army and Navy have community college programs available. Women who take advantage of these opportunities can earn promotions.

4.) Housing Benefits- there are two housing options for members of the military. They can live on base for free or can choose to live off-base and receive housing rent.

5.)Retirement Benefits- Members of the military can retire in as little as 20 years. This means someone enlisting at the age of 18 could retire when they are 38. And after the retirement, the one who served to the nation get benefits for lifelong. They get retirement money, health services and pension as well.

Challenges women have to face in the military:

1.)Physical fitness- women have 60% of the physical strength of men. They are shorter and smaller than men.

2.)Equipment issue– equipment such as body Armour is made to fit men and must be customized to women’s bodies.

3.)Retention- many women leave the military because they perceive that military policies do not support women’s roles as mothers. Women indicated that they were not treated as equal to the male military officers, which made them leave the military.

 4.) Military sexual trauma: MST is used to describe sexual assault or harassment that takes place during military service. in military 23% of women reported sexual assault and 55% reported some form of sexual harassment.

5.)Gender discrimination: women are more likely to face sexual assault, harassment and gender discrimination while serving their country. Women are 20 times more likely than men to be assaulted during their military service.

Recognize your worth!

In a time of this pandemic, everyone gets at least one hour for themselves, and that one our is your “ME TIME”. Your me-time is one of those most important moments that you’re living, this is the time when you actually understand yourself, you recognize your actual WORTH!
We all are living the same traditional lifestyle since we are born, in which, we are supposed to wake up in the morning, go to school or college or for work, after coming back have food, that’s it, end of the day!
This is the very first time when you have a lot of time to be who you are! To do what you love, to find yourself, to realize what you want to achieve.
We are living to earn, to get a job. Did you ever think about what’s different? Why not make it different? This is the time when you got the chance to live your life in your way, just a single problem is there, that you are not allowed to go out.
So what? Make yourself more productive. Give yourself time for making your career, not for just getting a job! Your career is what you actually want to do, and, a job is something you do just for the sake of money.
Give yourself time, keep your mobile phones aside, put the earphones down, and, look inside you! understand what you like to do, the work, which doesn’t make you feel tired, the work, which you enjoy to do.
Start discovering your personality, your strengths, and, make your strengths your power, now, understand how your strengths can help you in achieving what you want.
Which activities make you feel empowered? Things which makes you feel strong, think about the tasks you do when you feel low or stressed. These activities are those what makes you the REAL YOU!
Your natural talents are the things which come naturally, and, your born talent. These things are not easy for others, these are made for you, or, you are made for them.
Start writing! Write what you do, what makes you stress-free, this is the best way to figure out your natural strengths.
Ask your friends, people you have worked with, your teachers, what they think you are good at? Sometimes, even you don’t get what others catch about you. Ask them what your strengths are.
Do not restrict yourself, Be open-minded! Never take any feedback negatively, maybe you get surprised after knowing what others think about you, take it positively. If it’s good, try to enhance, or if not, try to be better!
Never think that this is THE END! We never get things served always, sometimes we get, but do not make it a habit. Don’t leave just because you didn’t succeed. Try until you get what you wanted.
Realizing your worth is realizing yourself! If you overcome all the fears, all the doubts, you will never give others the chance to criticize you as you’ve already dealt with all those ups and downs. So, start making yourself more productive.

E-Learning is boon or bane?

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning” By- Elliot Masie


E-Learning is a way of learning through the internet or electronic media. This provides opportunities to access education outside of a traditional classroom. In this, learning is done completely online.

The education seekers who are not able to attend classes in the Universities due to some reasons, like, they live in remote areas, they don’t have enough money or lack of time. E-Learning has removed this barrier and has made learning available for everyone, anytime and anywhere. It seems to be like a walk in the park as it is easy to access, easy to use, and, most importantly, it makes things elucidate.

It is said that ‘For learning, there is no age bar’ but, people of the old age group hesitate in going to schools or colleges because they think everyone will castigate them, but, E-Leaning has no age limit of learners, people of every age group are welcomed and provided all the learning resources and no one is going to humiliate or judge them there. 

Electronic learning is good for teachers as well, not every person who likes to teach become a teacher, but online education provided them with a chance to fulfill their dream and aspiration. For this, they do not require any infrastructure to teach students. All they need to do is just start teaching online, and achieve what they want.

Sitting in a class at a single place for so long makes learning tiresome and boring, studying online has no time limit or time barrier. You can learn and study anywhere at any time.

‘A coin has 2 sides’ this means that there are different ways of looking at or dealing with the same. 

Online learning requires smartphones, computers, or laptops which cannot be afforded by everyone. Students, who are arduous, and want to study and gain knowledge but, are not financially sound, can’t get benefits from this opportunity. Even if somehow they manage to buy electronic gadgets, but, are not able to buy internet packages regularly as internet packages now days are so costly.

Learning is something that requires interaction, questioning, and answering between a teacher and a student, but, sometimes it is not possible in live lectures and videoconferencing. Interaction is mandatory while learning, as queries clear the doubts.

To add to it, the health issue is a major problem faced by learners who attend online classes for more than 4-5 hours. This causes harm to their eyes, and sometimes make them peevish too.

The E-Learning industry is expanding day by day, and, it is tremendously growing further with better accessibility of learning tools. But, it has to be brushed up as it is found that e-Learners are not good communicators because they are not involved in any conversation while studying. Moreover, online instructors focus more on theory rather than practicals.

Summing it up with these line ‘E-Learning can’t be declared as a boon or a bane, everyone has their  perspective towards the new learning system, if one finds it suitable they’d surely make it a boon for them!