His mother was a darling sister of a cruel brother,

The one who was brutal, and, never thought of others.

This was the day of her wedding, the day she experienced ecstasy,

The happiness lasted just for a little, it was the time for the biggest prophecy.

His parents were thrown inside the prison, just for the cruel deed of killing the little ones,

The massacre, the infamy, the biggest sin, that happened once.

This was the day of his eighth incarnation; the entire earth was filled with joy and thrill,

The divine power was here now; the pot of wrongdoing was now filled.

His boyhood was full of mischievous pranks,

 Still was adored in the river banks.

This was the time of saying goodbye, to those lovely peeps,

To make imperfect things perfect which were in heaps.

His life long journey never ended at a single place,

But, situated a city that enemies could never trace.

This was the time for the biggest battle, 

Which ruined the life of many innocent people.

He gave the lesson of Bhagavad Gita to his dearest one,

His love for him was so pure that was more than his son.

The sorrowful mother cursed the divine power,

Now, he has to face the moment of ending his vigour.

Be never died in heart of his devotees,

His acts were still alive holding the worthy.