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A wall with only colours is not a wall until some final touches are not given to it either it is done with painting skills or it’s done with some and fittings. In modern era people are used to get in touch with luxurious things so that they can satisfy themselves with what they built with their money and so does I will help you do so. It will helps you make your house look more attractive with the help of this fantastic furniture work. A wall with only hanging led TV does not look good until some of decorative touch is given to it. If we add some lights with that then it attracts not only the watcher but also make it looks eye catching for everyone. Sometimes wires disgrace the goodness of the walls but with the wood fitting its will seems like the wire were not even there and make it look fabulous. To get rid of dullness of the wall some usually do paintings on the walls and some choose to do wood work. For that some good quality of wood is used like the oak wood, teak wood or walnut wood. The interior design is only done on some major points that is space, light, colour, texture etc which are kept in mind while doing that. The wall colour must be in contrast with the wood colour because if it isn’t in that contrast then it will not look good. No extra spacing must be there while fitting because some time these cause the dust and dirt to enter into that space that will decrease its life span. This new design will fit every type of wall because of its ground clearance from the surface that will let the person to clean it every day and if some wants to have the perception of compartments then it can also be done in it. The wood used here is termite proof and easily cleanable with only by using a dry cloth. The availability of open compartments are also their so that if someone wants to keep DVDs or either wants to keep pots or picture frames which can also fulfil the empty space around the TV and make it look awesome. The big rectangle pillars are also given with it which act as giving it a 3D texture and also if some wants to add any paintings rather than left it blank then that can also be done which also looks good on it. The lower ground compartments are also there so as to keep things on their places rather than placing it here and there. The surface of the wood is waterproof so that to protect it from accidental fall of any liquid substance on it and it remains shiny as bought on the first day. Every part of it is fitted into the wall therefore there is less chance of danger if anyone pulled it harshly due to which it is a safe product. These are some of the feature of this interior art that will make it look more fashionable than it actually was.



The object which always helps you see your good side is your mirror. Therefore it must be made in such a way that before entering that area your mind automatically turns your mood from stress, tiredness to a happy mind, for that i came up with solution for your every question. The interior design for the wash basin is made in such a way that one will never think of letting it remain dirty like we do with other common wash basin. This basin is set up in such a way that it only not only just be remained as a place for washing your face and hands rather on the other hand it will be acting as a part of your daily routine because our team has done some major changes while seeing towards modernization as we choose some add up of wood to which people think that it’s not good because regular dropping of water will decrease its life but the wood we use is waterproof and keeps the shine remains as it was on the first day of fitting. The compartments were also made so as to hide the ugliness of the pipes that shows up in old times and used for keeping extra substance rather than keeping them on the surface. The major role is played by any object then that object is the proper lighting of the room which is known to be game changer because if the correct is lighting is done then it will make it look more lavish and luxurious, therefore a bright and calm light is use widely in this area rather than any part of the whole building. I also suggest the perception of keeping the greenery around that area because it is said that people spend more time in front of mirror rather talking to someone therefore it is important to keep that area fresh. So that is why small plants are used. Then another role is played by the floor because that is the area which used to be slippery then any part of house therefore the tiles used here is non-slippery and shiny so that the light must reflects in every direction when its falls on the floor. Then the next change that should be done is based on the wall colouring because everyone doesn’t choose wood, some only wants keep the walls filled with different colours therefore the colour used here are of high quality which must reflects every corner of that area and increases its lavishness because if we kept the wall simple then the walls will not be according to every fabulous touch given to the room. Therefore for every room colour is must, because colours speaks what kind of person you are and in which environment you live because this can only get done by us for you and makes you a better place for living. “The choice is yours that if you want to live the modern life or to remain in the present situation.”


Due to pandemic every single human have to change his/her style of living, like working from home, making different places to take out physical activity, therefore it has become important to modify your room so that you can make it comfortable with only doing some limited set up. That is why I always try new things for you. Today I came up with new concept of compartments because these days it is very difficult or we can say a stressful job to organize your belongings which used to remain here and there throughout the day, that is why i came up with the solution to all your problem by presenting a world class piece of luxurious compartment which will double up the space for your belongings and will give a eye appealing touch to your dream house. A compartment can have various uses in the house either it is used to keep your small things like books, laptops, wires etc or some uses it for keeping your kitchen glasses. The compartment shown to you by me is made of high quality of wood which is going to remain with you for a very long time. The compartment plays a major role if it is placed in your living room because it is the only thing that is going to represent your room. I always try to make your living room simple, clean and add a bit of glamour from our side so that we can make it comfortable for you that’s why i suggest white colour so as to give a architectural finish to your room. For that i have variety of colour in compartments so that we can make sure it can suit your interior too. The advantage if it is that despite having small compartments it has six large compartments so that you can place things in a large quantity and the beneficial point is that it has large surface on the top so that you can place any kind of artefacts or small statues over it. These is just a one must have compartment in our house because you have the right to customise it according to your need, style and creativity. I can also suggest you to have led lights inside the compartment so that to give it a modern and luxury look. We always try to make it classy for you that is why i introduce the wall hanging that will not only increase the importance of your living room but if placed above the compartments then it will give a glowing and a dashing look to your compartments after that the other thing I make sure must be perfect is your floor because it reflects your ambiance and decor of your home that is i also provide patterned wooden floors or sheet floorings which reflects your style. Therefore the choice is yours because life is an opportunity to make decision and if you want you can take it right or you just want to let it go