A wall with only colours is not a wall until some final touches are not given to it either it is done with painting skills or it’s done with some and fittings. In modern era people are used to get in touch with luxurious things so that they can satisfy themselves with what they built with their money and so does I will help you do so. It will helps you make your house look more attractive with the help of this fantastic furniture work. A wall with only hanging led TV does not look good until some of decorative touch is given to it. If we add some lights with that then it attracts not only the watcher but also make it looks eye catching for everyone. Sometimes wires disgrace the goodness of the walls but with the wood fitting its will seems like the wire were not even there and make it look fabulous. To get rid of dullness of the wall some usually do paintings on the walls and some choose to do wood work. For that some good quality of wood is used like the oak wood, teak wood or walnut wood. The interior design is only done on some major points that is space, light, colour, texture etc which are kept in mind while doing that. The wall colour must be in contrast with the wood colour because if it isn’t in that contrast then it will not look good. No extra spacing must be there while fitting because some time these cause the dust and dirt to enter into that space that will decrease its life span. This new design will fit every type of wall because of its ground clearance from the surface that will let the person to clean it every day and if some wants to have the perception of compartments then it can also be done in it. The wood used here is termite proof and easily cleanable with only by using a dry cloth. The availability of open compartments are also their so that if someone wants to keep DVDs or either wants to keep pots or picture frames which can also fulfil the empty space around the TV and make it look awesome. The big rectangle pillars are also given with it which act as giving it a 3D texture and also if some wants to add any paintings rather than left it blank then that can also be done which also looks good on it. The lower ground compartments are also there so as to keep things on their places rather than placing it here and there. The surface of the wood is waterproof so that to protect it from accidental fall of any liquid substance on it and it remains shiny as bought on the first day. Every part of it is fitted into the wall therefore there is less chance of danger if anyone pulled it harshly due to which it is a safe product. These are some of the feature of this interior art that will make it look more fashionable than it actually was.