Steps To Stay Mentally Fit

Do you know that about four percent of the total global population suffers from anxiety disorder?  Do you know that Lesotho (a South African country), Guyana (a South American country), Republic of Korea are some of the countries with highest suicide mortality rates?

We all are concerned about our physical fitness, but do we really care for our mental wellbeing.

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What is its importance?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social health. It influences the way we feel, think and act against the situations we face in our daily lives. It also determines our attitude towards others, our decisions and how we relate to others. Mental wellness is important because:

  • Increased self-esteem: Mental health is related to our self-esteem. It greatly affects our personal feelings about ourselves. Persons with blooming mental condition will focus on selves’ good side. They will bring out their good qualities and will lead a happy and cheerful life.
  • Have good relationships: Persons with sound mental health can spend quality time with their family and friends. They extend compassion and support to other people in times of their need. Thus, they can have healthier relationships with society.
  • Higher ability to cope with stress: Mental fitness provides the strength to deal with stressful situations. A stable mental state can facilitate healthier ways to cope with relationship disputes, financial difficulties, work challenges, and other life concerns.
  • Improved productivity: A cheerful attitude and healthy state of mind always yields better productivity. Happy mental state enables you to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Better quality of life: Your overall quality of life improves. You socialize, become participative, travel, explore new adventures or anything of your interest.

How to attain mental wellness?

Now you know the need of having a healthy mental state. But how to attain it? Read on:

  •  Have a healthy and balanced diet. Munch on mood boosting foods such as, chocolate, salmon, green tea, spinach, nuts, coffee and so forth.
  • “Early to bed and early to rise” is the Mantra. For an adult, 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended to have a healthy body and fit mind.
  • Interact with people as much as you can. Make new friends, join a club, pursue any hobby or do something that gives you happiness
  • Adopt a pet. In 2021, a survey was carried out on UK pet owners and it was found out that about 90 percent of dog owners were mentally healthier.
  • Exercise regularly. Do yoga, swimming, cycling or jogging. You may even join a dance class. Physical fitness is co-related with mental health.
  • Have a positive attitude towards others. Don’t become judgmental.

Here is a word of caution – If you feel that you are falling into depression and nothing makes you happy; you feel a constant state of emptiness, do seek a professional help. You can also talk with your family and friends.

Ending note:

In today’s world, maintaining mental health is a challenging task. The pandemic has contributed to mental health problems in people of all ages worldwide. Let us take care of our mental well being and extend help to others.