“An Engineer with a startup of selling Tea”

Description: An inspiring tale of Ronak Raj that founded an Ahmedabad based startup that servers the most amazing chai.

An entrepreneur is a person who does something innovative and wants to create something new. Ronak Raj, an engineer who refused to give up from his passion for tea and created a new fascination for tea lovers.

Ronak founded an Ahmedabad-based startup “Engineer Ni Cha” with a less to a chaiwala from an engineer. It’s not quite lenient to begin. It takes a lot of courage to begin something like this. He had to go through a lot of challenges, but when customers left his stall with a big smile on their face gave him fruition and a motivation to carry on.

When he had graduated from the discipline of electrical engineering but failed to get the placement and disappointingly went back to the pavilion. He started helping his father’s pivotal work in a small tea shop. After a while he stressed his ideas and built an astonishing tea stall with his father’s inspiration.

The quotation of Ronak followed was accepting the challenges, opting to keep moving forward in life, and savoring Journey. Like everyone, he too had to go through several challenges. The challenge which came in his way was the impact of the pandemic Corona-virus, and as we knat this pandemic has changed everything including business, startups, jobs, etcetera. He had also confronted this situation, but his ‘never give up’ attitude got him in an uphill battle during the lockdown. He had also done a job which provided him just Rs 7000 monthly that was not sufficient for his family. That was a difficult phase of his life, but he faced all those obstacles fiercely. Ronak gathered all the pieces of information and renovated his innovative recipe of Ahmadabadi “Engineer Ni Cha” together with his cousins.

Ronak states that ” being an engineer, he always heard sarcasm from their residential people but he didn’t listen to them and constantly followed his passion. At present, the same people appreciated him.” All the ebb and flow has never let down his spirit. He never surrendered in front of hurdles. He even has to carry his entire stall every morning, then in the evening take it back with him everyday on a two- wheeler. But Ronak is still not ready to give up and is doing his job efficiently with no complaints.

Currently, his stall is famous from Shaibaught to Subhash Bridge and is doing a magnificent job. people across India visit that place and taste his tea, which fetches a big smile on his face. It was his dream to serve the love of tea to every person of India which got fulfilled.