Authoritarian System

It is a form of government within an authoritarian system dominated by political parties known for its oppressive nature. It’s actually a denial of democracy. There is no independent judiciary in the authoritarian regime. It is the elite of the ruling class who imposes its value on society and is considered good for the individual. In government, authoritarianism is in the hands of leaders or small elites who are not constitutionally responsible for the politics of the body and cannot be replaced by citizens who vote freely among various competitors in elections. It means a political system that concentrates power. The freedom to establish opposition parties or other alternative parties competing for part of the ruling group is either restricted or nonexistent in the authoritarian regime. However, authoritarian governments usually do not have a highly developed leadership idealism, allow certain pluralism in social organizations, lack the power to mobilize the entire population to pursue national goals, and have domestic power. Relatively exercise Predictable limits. According to some scholars, examples of authoritarian regimes include pro-Western military dictatorships that existed in Latin America and elsewhere in the late 20th century.

Characteristics of the authoritarian regime-

1. It is characterized by a highly concentrated and centralized governmental power that is maintained through political repression and elimination of potential challenges.

2. Use political parties and mass organizations to mobilize people for the goals of the government. 3. Power is controlled, changes governments and even leaders, and is not smooth and peaceful under authoritarian regimes.

4. Authoritarianism is characterized by an “indefinite period of political tenure” of a ruler or ruling party or other authority. The transition from an authoritarian regime to a more democratic form of government is called democratization.

5. The size of the legislature is small because all legislative and political decisions are entrusted to one or a small group of authoritarian regimes.

6.There is a strict restriction of political views and platforms that differ from those of the authoritarian government so not to undermine political control.