Articles 324-329 of the Constitution of India contain the following provisions regarding elections or the electoral system in India:

1. Article 324 stipulates the Independent Election Commission for conducting free and fair elections in India. At present time The Election commission consists of a chief commission and two Election. Commissioners.

2. The Constitution has abolished the system of separating electoral rolls and local electoral rolls, as each region needs to have only one electoral roll.

3. We will not be treated unequally based on caste, race, gender, gender or religion. Therefore, it cannot be claimed to be included in the special electoral list. The Constitution recognizes all citizens as equal.

4. Elections to Lok Sabha and the Legislature must be based on universal adult suffrage. This means that all citizens of India who are 18 years old are eligible to vote in the election and cannot be disqualified.

5. Parliament may make provisions related to all matters related to parliamentary elections.


Election Commission of India (ECI)- The Election Commission of India is a three-member organization consisting of the Supreme Election Commission and two Election Commissions. The President of India appoints the Supreme Election Commission and the Election Commission. The Indian Election Commission is endowed with the power of supervision and control over the conduct of the Lok Sabha Directorate Elections.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) -The CEO of the State / Union Territory has the authority to oversee election operations in the State / Union Territory and to direct and control the Election Commission. The Election Commission of India appoints state officials to the highest election officers.

District Returning Officer (DEO)- The DEO oversees election administration in all districts. The Indian Election Commission appoints state government officials as district return officers.

Returning Officer- A Returning Officer is responsible for conducting elections in Parliament or in the constituencies of Parliament. The Election Commission of India appoints government officials or local governments to the Election Commission.

Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) -The ERO is responsible for preparing and ordering the parliament or the electoral list of the parliament. The Indian Election Commission appoints government or local government officials as electoral registrants.

Presiding Officer- A Presiding Officer holds an election at a polling place. The District Election Officer appoints the Presiding Officer.

Observer -The Indian Election Commission appoints high-ranking government officials as observers of Parliament and its constituencies.