Cloud 3.0 : Next step towards future?

Pandemic has changed the way everyone works. Organisations have adopted digital and cloud working for remote work in this pandemic restrictions. The cloud 1.0 was software as a service applications (SaaS applications like WWW). The second generation was all about infrastructure as a servie (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS). Now many industry experts believe that we are on the brink of entering cloud 3.0. In which everyone is working in collaborating way with their convenience with the help of slack and zoom and other services. Just like earlier versions the third wave is also driven by competition and surviving in changing economy. Connectivity and engagement is driving factor for this. The companies are now seeing cloud as a primary way to operate their business and grow rather than just as a service used. 

Why cloud is the future

There are many reasons why cloud is getting popular among businesses. Many of them are simple and utility based. One can work flexibly with the help of cloud.The organisations and business can work in cloud with saving them the hassle and cost for premises based servers. However there is no defined term for 3.0 yet but there are some common agreement between industry experts that it is based on theme of abstraction and orchestration.with this layer of abstraction on multiple cloud vendors the functioning of the same will be much easier and the differences will be smoothed out. With the adoption of cloud 3.0 there will be increase in microservices. This use of microservices gives the advantage to cloud 3.0 by its decentralized, work from anywhere and scale-and-adapt nature. According to a google survey almost 27% business have adopted cloud and this figure is surely to increase rapidly in near future. 

Challenges ahead for cloud 3.0

The adoption and introduction of new technologies always have some challenges with it. Coud 3.0 is no exception to it. Primary challenge in adopting it is that cloud adoption is already in vogue and almost every business is adopting it. Chances are that competitors of a business have already adopted it. So to do it uniquely to stand out is a major concern for every business. Another challenge will be that the cloud 3.0 approach is decentralized which is totally different from the previous one based on centralized approach. In simple the new approach emphasis on resilience and responsiveness rather than previous approach of control like in centralized one. But foremost challenge is security and privacy of sensitive data in the adoption of cloud. There is always a threat to cyber attack on internet that’s why the business have to be very careful while adopting this. Strong measurements to prevent such incident have to be taken. Some other challanges are updating existing applications and managing servers which are still done manually. 

How to benefit from cloud 3.0

Another challenge associated with the cloud 3.0 is the management of skilled people for the work.The reliance on multiple cloud system proliferate the need of help for selecting, optimizing performance and integrating of the services they provide.This creates a lot of complexity in the process. To tackle this business have to take help and hire consultancies and value-added resellers (VARs) 

Cloud 3.0 is very promising for the future as with its use the business can have a look at their current state and plan holistically to be more competitive and efficient in every aspect of their business.