Top Reasons Building A Career In Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is all about protecting the digital environment or platform from cyberattacks and cybercriminals by protecting the data and its integrity. Data is the new oil. And it’s the responsibility of a company to protect the data it creates or stores. Losing the data to criminals will tarnish the reputation of a company in front of its customers. So in this digital time, it’s of primary concern to protect the sensitive data and prevent being accessed without authorization. So here, we will discuss the top reasons for building a career in Cyber Security. 

Excellent job prospects

Cyber Security jobs showcase some of the best prospects out of all IT jobs. Cybersecurity demands qualified professionals all the time. With all the emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., making their way to the mainstream poses security issues. 

With cybercriminals taking every other way to attack and breach their victim’s security protocols to steal data. The addition of new technologies creates even more point-of-attack regions to compromise the security to gain an advantage. This situation fuels the need for ever more security personnel working to ensure that the security of an organization remains intact. Cybersecurity professionals are and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future because technologies keep emerging, and so do security issues. 

Lots of opportunities for entry-level positions

Cybersecurity domains have lots of opportunities for entry-level jobs. Entry-level posts like Information Analyst keep growing at a tremendous rate and offer a decent salary, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The same organizations estimated that Information Security Analysts’ jobs will grow at a rate of 28% by 2026. All the other jobs in the IT domain are growing at an average rate of 7%. Take up the Intellipaat Cyber Security course to help you master the domain and tools from scratch. 

Good upward mobility in career

The upward mobility in career, meaning the potential of growing to senior roles managing things in the job is far better in this domain than others. With more opportunities for managerial positions, you can bag these opportunities with better communication skills and an eye for security culture. 

Good payroll

The payroll or salary is good, for even entry-level posts like Information Security Analyst. According to, Information Security Analysts earn an average salary of INR 5.7 LPA plus in India. This figure varies with skills, profile, job location, the company working for, work experience, etc. 

When compared to all the other professions, cybersecurity professionals earn more, and they have the job security in place which no domain has. Each year the median salary is growing, indicating that career growth is happening and the demand is growing at a faster rate. Many organizations and industry experts have confirmed this trend. 

Opportunity to learn new things daily

Cybersecurity is the perfect domain if you are looking for learning and updating yourself for challenges daily. Cybersecurity, as we have discussed earlier, is all about avoiding any attacks on digital platforms, protecting data, and keeping its integrity. 

So as a Cybersecurity professional, you must always be learning newer tactics that many leading ethical hackers are implementing to secure their platform, understand the tools, techniques, and methods used by hackers or cybercriminals to conduct a breach or steal sensitive data from a protected environment. 

You must learn a famous criminal group’s modus operandi. To understand what they look for, what are the different loopholes, which tool they use, how they attack, and more importantly, how they can be prevented and trapped. It is the only way to advance in your career, that is to keep learning. With each new concept and method, you are ensuring the security of your organization, firm, company, or enterprise that you are working for. Read Cyber Security tutorials to read and learn more aspects of the domain. 

Your work is credible and adds value.

It is another reason that Cybersecurity attracts many professionals for the value it adds to an organization’s reputation and value. Many security professionals work in this domain with pride for the matter that they add value each day other than earning a good salary. 

Apart from working for enterprises, organizations, or companies, these security professionals also keep the privacy of customers and consumers like us safe and secure so that we don’t become a victim to cybercriminals that could take advantage of our helplessness and carelessness. 

Highly motivating and interesting career

Cybersecurity is also one of the domains that are rated as highly motivating and interesting to work in. Many professionals cited their compensation, incentives, daily challenges, value addition, high job satisfaction, and many more as the reasons why they stick to this career. 

It is the domain for you if you love problem-solving, enjoy a challenge that has real-life consequences, and if you are a person who is okay with lifelong learning.