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After having enjoyed 75 years of Independence from the colonial rule, the question seems unwarranted. If we go by the literal meaning of independence, then there is no doubt about the fact that we are really independent. But does independence only mean granting suffrage and not being ruled by any colonial power? Indeed, in a democracy, freedom is judged by granting of suffrage, electoral behavior and representation. India does succeed in all these parameters. But that is not a wholesome definition of the term ‘freedom’. Freedom essentially means liberation from oppressors. Oppressor here not only means an external power, but it also includes within its purview all that restricts the normal human faculty from flourishing to its full extent. This includes poverty, assault, corruption and other evils. Taking this into consideration, can we now call ourselves Independent? 75 years having passed, have we been able to emancipate ourselves from communal…

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