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As virologists and epidemiologists all over the world are making efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, another evil is going largely unnoticed- the mental health pandemic. Ironically, the measures that are being taken to shield the public health from the threats posed by the global health crisis, are in turn, aggravating the mental health disorders, thereby leading to an upsurge in anxiety, depression, insomnia and suicidal tendencies. Vaccines are being increasingly made available for protection against the virus, but the future of the mental health pandemic seems bleak.


The mental health pandemic owes its existence largely to the ongoing global health pandemic, or rather the measures that have been taken to contain it. The lockdown that was imposed in most countries all over the world greatly reduced social interaction, which greatly aggravated the pre-existing mental health disorders in people. The state of isolation, reduced face-to-face communication and feeling cut…

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