The process used by every data analyst

the present world is creating data every single second ,and by analysing these footprint of data , data analyst predict the fate of any business. Behind the success and failure of any startup data played a major role. Data speaks if you understand it then you can get success every where but if you don’t understand what data actually speaks your startup, business will be failed and to understand the language of data a simple 5 step process is adopted by every data analyst. If you go through these steps then you can predict the fate of your startup today

Lets begin that process in brief
1 ask
2 prepare
3 process
4 analyse
5 share
6 act

Ask: it is the phase when a person should ask effective questions why he is starting the startup and what would be its outcome

Prepare: if he have clear picture about his startup the he should start to think what type of data would influence his startup and how he would collect it.

Process: when he have collected the data from different source then he must do processing of data because raw data has most of trashes that would deviate us from the ideal outcome

Analyse: after collecting and processing data,data should be analysed what it is telling what type of pattern you are observing in data what relationship you are getting from that data.

Share: when you have analysed data then share it with your startup partners and create strategies to achieve the ideal outcome

Act : now the final step comes when after making strategies act on them,do not change strategies if in minor losses because you have planned all the things and always collect data to verify your startegies.

Now you are a data analyst if you will apply this you would never fail in your life