4 Best Kids Beginner Coding Languages

Like we communicate using different languages worldwide, computers also use languages to communicate with us, thanks to advanced technology. Coding programs allow us to convey instructions to robots and computers to communicate with us effectively. When you want your kid to learn how to code, you should ensure that they start at an early age. This will help them grasp the concepts involved while developing other essential life skills like problem-solving

How do we communicate with computers – the answer is coding!

Computers use coded language to receive, execute and communicate with humans. To understand and help the computers to interface with us, we write instructions that they obey and act upon. These instructions are called programming languages. 

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However, back to coding! Some of the best coding languages that can offer your kid the best programming foundation are:- Scratch, Java, Python, and Lua. But how do you choose which coding language to start off your kid in programming? Every language coding has its operating system, style, and the intended use, so it’s essential to choose wisely to help your child more effectively.

Here are the best coding languages for kids

1. Scratch

Scratch is an excellent foundational program language because it helps kids to understand most programming concepts. These concepts include variables, loops, functions, conditionals, and lists. The concepts provide the kids with an understanding of when and how to create a code for their algorithms.

2. Python

Python has a kid-friendly user interface and a unique, text-based coding language. It is easy to learn because it’s more readable and intuitive. This makes it a perfect tool that is suited for 6-year-olds and above. It’s a seamless resource that follows up more visual, block-based coding programs geared toward pre-reading audiences. Python is so popular because it impacts real skills for the future.

3. Java

Though it comes with a more complex-to-learn interface, it is one of the best foundational programming languages for kids. Once kids have learned how to code using Java, all the other programming languages will be more accessible for them to learn. Java coding system is also reliable since some of the best platforms hosting millions of users worldwide were programmed using Java.

Good examples of these platforms are Gmail, which was created by Google and Twitter, respectively.

4. Lua

Lua is a text-based language that is perfect for introducing kids to text-based coding. It’s easy to learn, use, and embed into applications. Some of the most popular games, like the Angry Birds game, are based on Lua. Additionally, Roblox Studio, which is another favorite kids’ coding platform, uses Lua.


Though there are countless programming languages that you can choose from when you want your kid to learn to program, the above four languages can significantly place your kids on a journey to success in computer programming. They have a kid-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn since they incorporate fun while learning.